At the End of Day One

“All right,” Antonia Bagliarotto remarked, “the first new day went well. But if things continue like this, I’m afraid it will collapse.”
Professor Yefimov nodded his approval. “I know,” he said. “You and your colleague Agda Skold are not enough to process everything that our friend from Portugal is sending.”
“You could say that! Dorak is very productive, I have to give him that. But now that we’re moving everything to the new headquarters, it’s going to be difficult.”
“No worries.” The professor looked confident. “I got the confirmation from the command staff: Tomorrow new employees will introduce themselves. We will put together a large team. And then everything will go as we imagine.”
“That would be great!” She smiled. Then she turned to another topic: “How long do you think Jarmo Dorak will be in Portugal?”
Yefimov shrugged. “I have no idea,” he admitted. “Why? Do you miss him?”
“That’s not the point! He drove into this monastery quite surprisingly, one of the last departments of this kind that ASTROCOHORS still maintains. And his reports contain a few details that strike me as strange. What happens there?”
“I wish I knew exactly. You know Dorak, if he smells a secret, he wants to find out. Starting with the Temple of the Wind Harp, after which he was missing for six years and now with this monastery.” The professor took a breath. “However, I have to admit that I’m also quite curious about that. You said it before, it’s the only department of this kind that ASTROCOHORS still maintains. What’s behind it?”
“I’m sure,” Antonia said confidently, “if there’s a secret, Jarmo will find out!”
Yefimov smiled. “Then I want to share your optimism. Let’s wait and see what else comes out. But for now let’s take care of the headquarters. Starting tomorrow, things will be much easier!”

He smiled to himself. Yes, he thought, this will be a whole New Generation.

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