Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in ilis


All the written episodes of ASTROCOHORS CLUB.

War never Changes

It was a time of war. A time of rebellion. A time of freedom. Anarthia battles the people of Ruvalara. It was a time when... Read More "War never Changes"

Times change and we change with them

Ostap Yefimov, the head of the ASTROCOHORS CLUB, looked concerned. He sat behind his desk and kept looking at the graphics that appeared on the... Read More "Times change and we change with them"

Yet another “Hello World!”

URGENT ++++ URGENT ++++ POWER GENERATOR 2287 STOPPED WORKING ++++ EMERGENCY FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS OF ASTROCOHORS CLUB ++++ INVESTIGATION STARTED ++++ Professor Ostap Yefimov activated... Read More "Yet another “Hello World!”"

By your own hair

"Believe me, we at Cuyel are your friends!"Professor Yefimov didn't move. It looked like he had become a statue of himself. The expression on his... Read More "By your own hair"


The taxi stopped in front of the building. Jarmo Dorak got out.So that was it … the new place. Although he had never been here... Read More "Arrival"

Having to wait is a kind invitation to a little meditation

What was it all about? Jarmo Dorak paced up and down his room again. They had been very kind. They had gradually given him access... Read More "Having to wait is a kind invitation to a little meditation"

Video Series

All the Episodes of the Video Series.

Sex and the City: Love at the End of History

Let's overthink the sh*t out of this show! Instagram: See More "Sex and the City: Love at the End of History"