The Forbidden Experiment

At last it was time. The whole search that had occupied Jarmo Dorak for years was about to come to an end. The last clue he found would lead him to the Temple of the Wind Harp. But the location of the temple was far outside the solar system. Therefore, he had to apply to act on the official behalf of ASTROCOHORS COMMAND. The competencies of the ASTROCOHORS CLUB ended here. The leadership of ASTROCOHORS COMMAND knew that this was actually a forbidden experiment. Such a mission would not be undertaken by one space fleet officer alone. But the circumstances were anything but ordinary. So the Admiralty gave in to Dorak’s wish to fly alone to the presumed location of the temple.

That day, Jarmo Dorak boarded the spacecraft that ASTROCOHORS COMMAND had made available to him. He set off into the unknown. The jump into hyperspace he made was the last documented event. After that, his trail is lost.

What happened? Possibly the inclined viewer learns more here…

Photo by Kal Visuals on Unsplash

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