Digital Exodus – System Meltdown

In the bustling underground headquarters of ASTROCOHORS CLUB an ominous situation was unfolding. The server room, rented from a large corporation, was on the brink of collapse. To add to the chaos, Twitter, one of the primary social media platforms used by the organization, was crumbling due to a failure caused by Elon Musk’s latest misadventure. It was only a matter of time before one of the essential channels connecting people would be disconnected.

In the heart of the crisis, a team of skilled officers battled against the ticking clock. Among them were Commander Sarah Thompson, a resourceful and quick-thinking woman with a talent for troubleshooting, and Lieutenant Mark Collins, a tech whiz with an uncanny ability to think on his feet. They stood shoulder to shoulder, determined to salvage the situation and prevent a catastrophic breakdown in communication.

Serverproblems at ASTROCOHORS CLUB.

Alarms blared as the server room became enveloped in an eerie red glow. The air was thick with tension and a sense of urgency. Sarah and Mark darted around the room, their fingers dancing across the keyboards as they desperately tried to stabilize the servers and reconnect to Twitter. But no matter what they did, nothing seemed to work. The systems continued to falter, threatening to plunge ASTROCOHORS CLUB into a state of isolation.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Sarah exclaimed, frustration etched on her face. “We’ve never faced a crisis like this before.”

Mark’s brow furrowed as he racked his brain for a solution. “We need to think outside the box. If our current methods aren’t working, we have to try something new.”

Suddenly, an idea sparked in Sarah’s mind. “The server room has a redundant power supply, right? Maybe the problem lies with our connection to the main grid. If we can bypass it and use the backup, we might regain stability.”

Without wasting a moment, the duo sprinted to the massive power switch located in a corner of the room. With synchronized precision, they flipped the switch, transferring the server’s power source to the backup system. The room trembled as the servers momentarily shut down and then roared back to life.

As the systems rebooted, Sarah and Mark held their breath, their eyes fixed on the flickering screens. They waited for the signal that would break the tension. A lettering on one of the screens that would mean something like “connection stable again”.
They waited.

But the good news never came. The alarm stayed on. The servers remained unstable and only forwarded incomplete messages. And the connection to Twitter was mostly broken. It stuck.
“The problem is on the other side!” said Mark. “It’s not a problem we caused. The corporations! Cuýel is restricting our servers and Musk… the vulture knows what he’s thinking!”
“He doesn’t think anything, that’s the problem!” Sarah replied. “We have to switch to the other channels. Then we’ll just use Mastodon for communication.”
“But we need a solution for the servers! It can’t go on like this! The data stored there is mostly useless! Important information is lost!”
“That’s what happens when you put yourself in the hands of corporations,” Sarah sighed.
“Now isn’t the time to call out class war slogans!” Mark said indignantly.
“Oh no? And when would be the right moment? If it doesn’t bother you, or what? Something has to be done now, that’s clear! It doesn’t matter whether you can handle it or not!”
Mark bowed his head and shrugged. “You’re right,” he said resignedly.

Red Alert!…

Operation Pentecost – completed? | Operation Pfingsten – Abgeschlossen? | Opération Pentecôte – terminée ? | ऑपरेशन पेंटेकोस्ट – पूरा हुआ? | ペンテコステ作戦 – 完了しましたか? | 오순절 작전 – 완료되었습니까? | Operação Pentecostes – concluída?

“This operation is complete. But there is still so much to do. Let’s move on straight away…”

“Diese Operation ist abgeschlossen. Aber es ist noch so viel zu tun. Machen wir direkt weiter…”

“यह ऑपरेशन पूरा हो गया है। लेकिन अभी भी बहुत कुछ करना बाकी है। चलिए सीधे आगे बढ़ते हैं…”


“이 작업은 완료되었습니다. 하지만 아직 할 일이 너무 많습니다. 바로 진행하겠습니다…”

“Esta operação está concluída. Mas ainda há muito o que fazer. Vamos logo em frente…”

Com tecnologia e coração, rumo ao futuro

A tenente-comandante Luciana, conhecida como “Lucy”, Barros recostou-se na cadeira e respirou fundo. Seus dedos tremiam um pouco, o que tinha a ver com o fato de que ela estava começando a sentir os efeitos de uma hipoglicemia. Há quanto tempo ela não comia? Ela não sabia mais. As palavras do almirante Vargas, que já havia abandonado a Terra, ainda ecoavam em sua mente. Lucy não desistiu. Ela queria mostrar a ele e a todos.

Lucy Barros, cansada depois de uma longa campanha.

Depois que o professor Yefimov declarou aberta a “Operação Pentecostes”, o pessoal do departamento brasileiro já havia começado a trabalhar em soluções. Eles realmente queriam terminar. A “Operação Whitsun” tornou-se necessária porque a grande corporação que fornecia os servidores para o ASTROCOHORS CLUB cortou as conexões. O arquivo não funcionaria mais assim. Tudo teve que ser mudado para seu próprio servidor. No entanto, o arquivo anterior não pôde ser transferido dessa maneira. Ou pelo menos os técnicos ainda não haviam encontrado uma maneira. No entanto, Michele Feliciano, responsável pelos técnicos, tentou salvar o arquivo para que pudesse ser reutilizado em algum momento. Mas a grande corporação tinha sua própria maneira de armazenar e processar os dados. Não era compatível com as memórias ASTROCOHORS. Foi enlouquecedor!

Pelo menos eles conseguiram salvar os documentos essenciais e redirecionar os fluxos de dados. A tarefa estava meio que cumprida.
Lucy apertou um botão na mesa à sua frente. “Professor Yefimov, está me ouvindo? Aqui é o Departamento do Brasil, tenente-comandante Barros”, ela perguntou pelo rádio.
“Sim, eu posso ouvi-lo”, ele voltou depois de alguns segundos.
“O ASTROCOHORS CLUB Brasil finalizou o trabalho”, relatou Lucy. “A operação pode continuar razoavelmente sem problemas!”
“Muito bem”, respondeu Yefimov. “Nós cuidaremos das últimas coisas do quartel-general. Bom trabalho, Tenente Comandante!”

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Operation Pentecost – The Final Countdown

Nur eine kleine musikalische Einführung…

Just a little musical introduction…

Juste une petite introduction musicale…

बस थोड़ा सा संगीतमय परिचय…


약간의 뮤지컬 소개…

Uma pequena introdução musical…

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Heruntergefahren | Shutdown | Fermer | शट डाउन | シャットダウン | 일시 휴업 | Desligar


Cassandra Brown stand da und konnte ihren Augen nicht glauben. Geschah das gerade wirklich? Die Server, die vor ihr standen, gaben merkwürdige Blinksignale von sich. Die Lichter blinkten in einer Anordnung, die sie zuvor nur für kurze Zeiträume gesehen hatte. Immer wieder mal hatte es Ausfälle gegeben. Oder die Sperrungen, weil der Konzern der Meinung war, dass manche Dinge nicht gut wären. Cassandra knirschte mit den Zähnen. “Der Konzern”. Es war doch klar, an wen sie dachte. Schon seit langem hatte ASTROCOHORS CLUB befürchtet, dass das passieren könnte. Und nun war es passiert.

Sie aktivierte ihre Kommunikationseinheit. “Yefimov, hören Sie mich?” sprach sie in den Raum, “Brown hier.”
“Yefimov hier”, war die Antwort ein paar Sekunden später, “fahren Sie fort.”
“Yefimov, wir haben ein Problem hier. Den Anzeigen nach hat uns der Konzern die Server abgeschaltet. Die Verbindungslinien sind nicht mehr aktiv.”
“Mist!”, antwortete der Professor über den Funk. “Das kommt schneller, als wir befürchtet haben. Wie weit sind unsere eigenen Server?”
“Wir sind noch nicht ganz fertig”, gab Cassandra zu. “Aber spielt das jetzt eine Rolle?”
“Richtig. Es spielt eigentlich keine Rolle. Wir müssen reagieren. Was schätzen Sie, wie lange Sie brauchen?”
“Ein paar Tage. Vielleicht bis zum Wochenende, bevor alles stabil läuft. Wir müssen die Leute neu planen. Und Resourcen neu verwenden.”
“Dann fangen Sie am besten direkt damit an”, sagte Yefimov. “Der Codename dafür ist ‘Operation Pfingsten’. Das passt, finde ich.”
“Sehr lyrisch, Sir.”
“Danke. Passen Sie auf, dass Sie die Verbindung zu der Abtei in Portugal halten. Wir müssen die Berichte von Dorak unbedingt rüberkriegen. Alles klar?”
“Verstanden, Sir!”
“Dann los!”


Cassandra Brown stood there and couldn’t believe her eyes. Did that really just happen? The servers in front of her gave strange blinking signals. The lights blinked in an arrangement she had only seen for brief periods before. There were always failures. Or the shutdowns because the coproration felt some things weren’t good. Cassandra gritted her teeth. “The corporation”. It was clear who she was thinking of. ASTROCOHORS CLUB had long feared that this might happen. And now it had happened.

She activated her communications unit. “Yefimov, do you hear me?” she spoke into the room, “Brown here.”
“Yefimov here,” was the reply a few seconds later, “continue.”
“Yefimov, we have a problem here. According to the reports, the corporation has shut down our servers. The connection lines are no longer active.”
“Shit!” the professor replied over the radio. “It’s coming faster than we feared. How far along are our own servers?”
“We’re not quite done yet,” Cassandra admitted. “But does that matter now?”
“Right. It doesn’t really matter. We have to react. How long do you estimate it will take you?”
“A couple of days. Maybe until the weekend before things are stable. We need to reschedule people. And reallocate resources.”
“Then it’s best to start right away,” said Yefimov. “The code name for it is ‘Operation Pentecost’. I think that fits.”
“Very lyrical, sir.”
“Thank you. Make sure you keep in touch with the abbey in Portugal. We really need to get Dorak’s reports across. All right?”
“Understood, sir!”
“Let’s go!”


Cassandra Brown se tenait là et n’en croyait pas ses yeux. Cela vient-il vraiment d’arriver ? Les serveurs devant elle émettaient d’étranges signaux clignotants. Les lumières clignotaient selon un arrangement qu’elle n’avait vu que pendant de brèves périodes auparavant. Il y a toujours eu des échecs. Ou les fermetures parce que l’entreprise a estimé que certaines choses n’allaient pas bien. Cassandre serra les dents. “L’entrepise”. Il était clair à qui elle pensait. Le CLUB ASTROCOHORS avait longtemps craint que cela n’arrive. Et maintenant c’était arrivé.

Elle activa son unité de communication. “Efimov, m’entendez-vous?” elle a parlé dans la pièce, “Brown ici.”
“Yefimov ici”, a été la réponse quelques secondes plus tard, “continuez”.
“Efimov, nous avons un problème ici. Selon les rapports, l’entreprise a fermé nos serveurs. Les lignes de connexion ne sont plus actives.”
“Merde !” répondit le professeur par radio. “Ça arrive plus vite que nous ne le craignions. Où en sont nos propres serveurs ?”
“Nous n’avons pas encore tout à fait fini”, a admis Cassandra. « Mais est-ce que ça compte maintenant ?
“D’accord. Cela n’a pas vraiment d’importance. Nous devons réagir. Combien de temps pensez-vous que cela vous prendra ?”
“Quelques jours. Peut-être jusqu’au week-end avant que les choses ne soient stables. Nous devons reprogrammer les gens. Et réaffecter les ressources.”
“Alors il vaut mieux commencer tout de suite”, a déclaré Yefimov. “Le nom de code pour cela est ‘Opération Pentecôte’. Je pense que cela convient.”
“Très lyrique, monsieur.”
“Merci. Assurez-vous de rester en contact avec l’abbaye au Portugal. Nous avons vraiment besoin de faire passer les rapports de Dorak. D’accord ?”
“Compris, monsieur !”

शट डाउन

कैसेंड्रा ब्राउन वहाँ खड़ी थी और उसे अपनी आँखों पर विश्वास नहीं हो रहा था। क्या सचमुच ऐसा ही हुआ? उसके सामने के सर्वर ने अजीब तरह से पलक झपकते संकेत दिए। रोशनी एक ऐसी व्यवस्था में झपकती है जिसे उसने पहले केवल कुछ ही समय के लिए देखा था। हमेशा असफलताएँ मिलीं। या लॉकडाउन क्योंकि कंपनी को लगा कि कुछ चीजें अच्छी नहीं हैं। कैसेंड्रा ने अपने दांत पीस लिए। “समूह”। यह स्पष्ट था कि वह किसके बारे में सोच रही थी। एस्ट्रोकोहोर्स क्लब को लंबे समय से डर था कि ऐसा हो सकता है। और अब यह हो गया था।

उसने अपनी संचार इकाई को सक्रिय कर दिया। “येफिमोव, क्या तुम मुझे सुनते हो?” वह कमरे में बोली, “यहाँ ब्राउन।”
“येफिमोव यहाँ,” कुछ सेकंड बाद जवाब था, “जारी रखें।”
“येफिमोव, हमें यहां एक समस्या है। रिपोर्टों के अनुसार, निगम ने हमारे सर्वर बंद कर दिए हैं। कनेक्शन लाइनें अब सक्रिय नहीं हैं।”
“शिट!” प्रोफेसर ने रेडियो पर उत्तर दिया। “यह हमारे डर से कहीं अधिक तेजी से आ रहा है। हमारे अपने सर्वर कितने दूर हैं?”
कैसेंड्रा ने स्वीकार किया, “हम अभी तक पूरी तरह से तैयार नहीं हुए हैं।” “लेकिन क्या यह अब मायने रखता है?”
“ठीक है। यह वास्तव में मायने नहीं रखता। हमें प्रतिक्रिया करनी है। आप कितना समय अनुमान लगाते हैं कि यह आपको ले जाएगा?”
“कुछ दिन। शायद सप्ताहांत तक चीजें स्थिर होने से पहले। हमें लोगों को पुनर्निर्धारित करने की आवश्यकता है। और संसाधनों को पुनः आवंटित करें।”
“तो यह सबसे अच्छा है कि अभी से शुरू कर दिया जाए,” येफिमोव ने कहा। “इसका कोड नाम ‘ऑपरेशन पेंटेकोस्ट’ है। मुझे लगता है कि यह फिट बैठता है।”
“बहुत गेय, सर।”
“धन्यवाद। सुनिश्चित करें कि आप पुर्तगाल में मठ के संपर्क में रहें। हमें वास्तव में दोराक की रिपोर्ट प्राप्त करने की आवश्यकता है। ठीक है?”
“समझ गया, सर!”
“चल दर!”


カサンドラ・ブラウンはそこに立って、自分の目を信じられませんでした。 それは本当にたった今起こったのですか? 彼女の前のサーバーは奇妙な点滅信号を出しました。 ライトは、彼女がこれまで短期間しか見たことのない配置で点滅した。 失敗は常にありました。 あるいは、会社がいくつかのことが良くないと感じたためにロックダウンされた。 カサンドラは歯を食いしばった。 “グループ”。 彼女が誰のことを考えているかは明らかだった。 ASTROCOHORS CLUB は、このようなことが起こるのではないかと長年懸念していました。 そして今、それは起こったのです。

彼女は通信ユニットを起動しました。 「エフィモフ、聞こえますか?」 彼女は部屋に向かって「ブラウン、ここにいるよ」と言いました。
「クソ!」と教授は無線で答えた。 「懸念していたよりも早く進んでいます。私たちのサーバーはどこまで進んでいるでしょうか?」
「私たちはまだ完全には終わっていません」とカサンドラは認めた。 「でも、それは今は重要ですか?」
「それなら、すぐに始めるのが最善だ」とエフィモフ氏は言った。 「コードネームは『ペンテコスト作戦』です。それがぴったりだと思います。」

일시 휴업

카산드라 브라운은 거기 서서 자신의 눈을 믿을 수 없었다. 정말 방금 일어난 일입니까? 그녀 앞에 있는 서버는 이상한 깜박임 신호를 보냈습니다. 그녀가 이전에 잠시 동안만 보았던 배열로 표시등이 깜박였습니다. 항상 실패가있었습니다. 또는 회사가 좋지 않다고 느꼈기 때문에 봉쇄되었습니다. 카산드라는 이를 악물었다. “그룹”. 그녀가 누구를 생각하고 있는지는 분명했다. ASTROCOHORS CLUB은 이런 일이 일어날 수 있다고 오랫동안 두려워했습니다. 그리고 지금 그 일이 일어났습니다.

그녀는 통신 장치를 활성화했습니다. “예피모프, 내 말 들려?” 그녀는 방에 대고 말했다. “여기 갈색이야.”
“Yefimov 여기”는 몇 초 후에 “계속”이라는 응답이었습니다.
“예피모프, 여기에 문제가 생겼습니다. 보고에 따르면 회사에서 서버를 종료했습니다. 연결선이 더 이상 활성화되지 않습니다.”
“젠장!” 교수가 라디오를 통해 대답했다. “우리가 두려워했던 것보다 더 빨리 다가오고 있습니다. 우리 서버는 얼마나 멀까요?”
“우리는 아직 끝나지 않았습니다.” 카산드라가 인정했습니다. “근데 그게 지금 중요해?”
“알았어. 그건 별로 중요하지 않아. 우리는 대응해야 해. 얼마나 걸릴 것 같니?”
“며칠. 아마도 상황이 안정되기 전 주말까지. 우리는 사람들의 일정을 변경해야 합니다. 그리고 자원을 재할당해야 합니다.”
“그렇다면 바로 시작하는 것이 가장 좋습니다.”라고 Yefimov가 말했습니다. “암호명은 ‘오순절 작전’입니다. 맞는 것 같아요.”
“매우 서정적입니다.”
“고마워요. 포르투갈에 있는 수도원과 계속 연락하세요. Dorak의 보고서를 꼭 전달해야 합니다. 알았죠?”


Cassandra Brown ficou lá e não podia acreditar em seus olhos. Isso realmente acabou de acontecer? Os servidores à sua frente deram sinais estranhos piscando. As luzes piscavam em um arranjo que ela só tinha visto por breves períodos antes. Sempre houve falhas. Ou os bloqueios porque a corporação sentiu que algumas coisas não estavam boas. Cassandra cerrou os dentes. “A corporação”. Estava claro em quem ela estava pensando. O ASTROCOHORS CLUB há muito temia que isso pudesse acontecer. E agora aconteceu.

Ela ativou sua unidade de comunicação. “Yefimov, você está me ouvindo?” ela falou na sala, “Brown aqui.”
“Yefimov aqui”, foi a resposta alguns segundos depois, “continuar”.
“Yefimov, temos um problema aqui. De acordo com os relatórios, a corporação desligou nossos servidores. As linhas de conexão não estão mais ativas.”
“Merda!”, respondeu o professor pelo rádio. “Está chegando mais rápido do que temíamos. Até que ponto estão nossos próprios servidores?”
“Ainda não terminamos”, admitiu Cassandra. “Mas isso importa agora?”
“Certo. Realmente não importa. Temos que reagir. Quanto tempo você estima que vai levar?”
“Alguns dias. Talvez até o fim de semana antes que as coisas estejam estáveis. Precisamos reagendar as pessoas. E realocar recursos.”
“Então é melhor começar imediatamente”, disse Yefimov. “O codinome para isso é ‘Operação Pentecostes’. Acho que se encaixa.”
“Muito lírico, senhor.”
“Obrigado. Certifique-se de manter contato com a abadia em Portugal. Nós realmente precisamos transmitir os relatórios de Dorak. Tudo bem?”
“Entendido, senhor!”

At the End of Day One

“All right,” Antonia Bagliarotto remarked, “the first new day went well. But if things continue like this, I’m afraid it will collapse.”
Professor Yefimov nodded his approval. “I know,” he said. “You and your colleague Agda Skold are not enough to process everything that our friend from Portugal is sending.”
“You could say that! Dorak is very productive, I have to give him that. But now that we’re moving everything to the new headquarters, it’s going to be difficult.”
“No worries.” The professor looked confident. “I got the confirmation from the command staff: Tomorrow new employees will introduce themselves. We will put together a large team. And then everything will go as we imagine.”
“That would be great!” She smiled. Then she turned to another topic: “How long do you think Jarmo Dorak will be in Portugal?”
Yefimov shrugged. “I have no idea,” he admitted. “Why? Do you miss him?”
“That’s not the point! He drove into this monastery quite surprisingly, one of the last departments of this kind that ASTROCOHORS still maintains. And his reports contain a few details that strike me as strange. What happens there?”
“I wish I knew exactly. You know Dorak, if he smells a secret, he wants to find out. Starting with the Temple of the Wind Harp, after which he was missing for six years and now with this monastery.” The professor took a breath. “However, I have to admit that I’m also quite curious about that. You said it before, it’s the only department of this kind that ASTROCOHORS still maintains. What’s behind it?”
“I’m sure,” Antonia said confidently, “if there’s a secret, Jarmo will find out!”
Yefimov smiled. “Then I want to share your optimism. Let’s wait and see what else comes out. But for now let’s take care of the headquarters. Starting tomorrow, things will be much easier!”

He smiled to himself. Yes, he thought, this will be a whole New Generation.

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“It all sounds a bit… bombastic, doesn’t it, Professor?”
Professor Yefimov looked at the text that was on the screen in front of him. “Hm-m,” he growled in response to his assistant. “But we’ve tried so many things. Maybe it has to be like this. Maybe times demand it. Let’s try.”
He pressed a button on his computer and the text was sent and published on the Internet.

ASTROCOHORS CLUB is a worldwide organization dedicated to the advancement of society, culture, and science. Founded with the purpose of creating a better world through education and scientific discovery, the club has been at the forefront of social and cultural change for many years.

In 2023, ASTROCOHORS CLUB is undergoing a transformative period. This year could be a turning point in the history of planet Earth, as the club continues its mission to inform and advance society, culture, and science. The club is positioning itself to respond to the rapidly changing world, and to meet the growing needs of society as we move into a new era of technological and scientific advancement.

The club is open to all individuals who share a passion for learning and a commitment to advancing the greater good. Members come from all walks of life, representing diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. The club provides a platform for members to connect, collaborate, and share ideas, and to engage in meaningful discussions about the future of the planet and our society.

The club’s initiatives are designed to inspire and empower to make a positive impact on the world. Through its various activities and events, the club promotes a culture of scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and creativity.

In conclusion, ASTROCOHORS CLUB is an organization that is dedicated to creating a better world for all. As we move into 2023, the club is evolving to meet the changing needs of society, culture, and science. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or simply a concerned citizen, the club provides a space for you to connect with like-minded individuals and to make a difference in the world. Join us today and be a part of the transformative change that is taking place in our world.

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“Das klingt alles ein bisschen… schwülstig, finden Sie nicht, Professor?”
Professor Yefimov blickte auf den Text, der auf dem Bildschirm vor ihm stand. “Hm-m”, brummte er als Antwort an seinen Assistenten. “Aber wir haben schon so viel versucht. Vielleicht muss es so sein. Vielleicht erfordern die Zeiten das. Versuchen wir’s.”
Er drückte eine Taste auf seinem Computer und der Text wurde abgeschickt und im Internet veröffentlicht.

ASTROCOHORS CLUB ist eine weltweite Organisation, die sich der Förderung von Gesellschaft, Kultur und Wissenschaft verschrieben hat. Der Club wurde mit dem Ziel gegründet, durch Bildung und wissenschaftliche Entdeckungen eine bessere Welt zu schaffen, und steht seit vielen Jahren an der Spitze des sozialen und kulturellen Wandels.

Im Jahr 2023 durchläuft der ASTROCOHORS CLUB eine Transformationsphase. Dieses Jahr könnte ein Wendepunkt in der Geschichte des Planeten Erde sein, da der Club seine Mission fortsetzt, Gesellschaft, Kultur und Wissenschaft zu informieren und voranzubringen. Der Club positioniert sich, um auf die sich schnell verändernde Welt zu reagieren und die wachsenden Bedürfnisse der Gesellschaft zu erfüllen, während wir in eine neue Ära des technologischen und wissenschaftlichen Fortschritts eintreten.
Der Club steht allen Personen offen, die eine Leidenschaft für das Lernen und eine Verpflichtung zur Förderung des Allgemeinwohls teilen. Die Mitglieder kommen aus allen Lebensbereichen und repräsentieren unterschiedliche Hintergründe, Kulturen und Perspektiven. Der Club bietet Mitgliedern eine Plattform, um sich zu vernetzen, zusammenzuarbeiten, Ideen auszutauschen und sich an sinnvollen Diskussionen über die Zukunft des Planeten und unserer Gesellschaft zu beteiligen.

Die Initiativen des Clubs sollen inspirieren und befähigen, einen positiven Einfluss auf die Welt zu nehmen. Durch seine verschiedenen Aktivitäten und Veranstaltungen fördert der Club eine Kultur der wissenschaftlichen Forschung, des kritischen Denkens und der Kreativität.

Zusammenfassend lässt sich sagen, dass der ASTROCOHORS CLUB eine Organisation ist, die sich der Schaffung einer besseren Welt für alle verschrieben hat. Zu Beginn des Jahres 2023 entwickelt sich der Club weiter, um den sich ändernden Bedürfnissen von Gesellschaft, Kultur und Wissenschaft gerecht zu werden. Egal, ob Sie Student, Berufstätiger oder einfach nur ein besorgter Bürger sind, der Club bietet Ihnen einen Raum, um sich mit Gleichgesinnten zu vernetzen und etwas in der Welt zu bewegen. Schließen Sie sich uns noch heute an und werden Sie Teil des transformativen Wandels, der in unserer Welt stattfindet.

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Mal sehen, was als nächstes passiert!


“Tout cela semble un peu… pompeux, n’est-ce pas, Professeur?”
Le professeur Yefimov a regardé le texte qui était sur l’écran devant lui. “Hm-m,” grogna-t-il en réponse à son assistant. “Mais nous avons essayé tellement de choses. Peut-être que ça doit être comme ça. Peut-être que les temps l’exigent. Essayons.”
Il a appuyé sur un bouton de son ordinateur et le texte a été envoyé et publié sur Internet.

ASTROCOHORS CLUB est une organisation mondiale dédiée à l’avancement de la société, de la culture et de la science. Fondé dans le but de créer un monde meilleur par l’éducation et la découverte scientifique, le club est à l’avant-garde du changement social et culturel depuis de nombreuses années.

En 2023, ASTROCOHORS CLUB traverse une période de transformation. Cette année pourrait être un tournant dans l’histoire de la planète Terre, alors que le club poursuit sa mission d’informer et de faire progresser la société, la culture et la science. Le club se positionne pour répondre à l’évolution rapide du monde et pour répondre aux besoins croissants de la société alors que nous entrons dans une nouvelle ère de progrès technologique et scientifique.
Le club est ouvert à toutes les personnes qui partagent une passion pour l’apprentissage et un engagement à faire progresser le bien commun. Les membres viennent de tous les horizons et représentent divers horizons, cultures et perspectives. Le club offre une plate-forme permettant aux membres de se connecter, de collaborer et de partager des idées, et de s’engager dans des discussions significatives sur l’avenir de la planète et de notre société.

Les initiatives du club sont conçues pour inspirer et donner les moyens d’avoir un impact positif sur le monde. À travers ses diverses activités et événements, le club promeut une culture de recherche scientifique, de pensée critique et de créativité.

En conclusion, ASTROCOHORS CLUB est une organisation qui se consacre à créer un monde meilleur pour tous. À l’aube de 2023, le club évolue pour répondre aux besoins changeants de la société, de la culture et de la science. Que vous soyez un étudiant, un professionnel ou simplement un citoyen concerné, le club vous offre un espace pour vous connecter avec des personnes partageant les mêmes idées et faire une différence dans le monde. Rejoignez-nous aujourd’hui et faites partie du changement transformateur qui se produit dans notre monde.

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Voyons ce qui se passe ensuite !


“Isso tudo soa um pouco… bombástico, não é, professor?”
O professor Yefimov olhou para o texto que estava na tela à sua frente. “Hm-m,” ele rosnou em resposta ao seu assistente. “Mas já tentamos tantas coisas. Talvez tenha que ser assim. Talvez os tempos o exijam. Vamos tentar.”
Ele apertou um botão em seu computador e o texto foi enviado e publicado na internet.

ASTROCOHORS CLUB é uma organização mundial dedicada ao avanço da sociedade, cultura e ciência. Fundado com o propósito de criar um mundo melhor por meio da educação e da descoberta científica, o clube está há muitos anos na vanguarda da mudança social e cultural.

Em 2023, o ASTROCOHORS CLUB passa por um período de transformação. Este ano pode ser um ponto de virada na história do planeta Terra, pois o clube continua sua missão de informar e promover a sociedade, a cultura e a ciência. O clube está se posicionando para responder ao mundo em rápida mudança e para atender às crescentes necessidades da sociedade à medida que avançamos em uma nova era de avanço tecnológico e científico.
O clube está aberto a todos os indivíduos que compartilham a paixão pelo aprendizado e o compromisso de promover o bem maior. Os membros vêm de todas as esferas da vida, representando diversas origens, culturas e perspectivas. O clube oferece uma plataforma para os membros se conectarem, colaborarem e compartilharem ideias e se envolverem em discussões significativas sobre o futuro do planeta e de nossa sociedade.

As iniciativas do clube são projetadas para inspirar e capacitar para causar um impacto positivo no mundo. Por meio de suas várias atividades e eventos, o clube promove uma cultura de investigação científica, pensamento crítico e criatividade.

Concluindo, o ASTROCOHORS CLUB é uma organização dedicada a criar um mundo melhor para todos. À medida que avançamos para 2023, o clube está evoluindo para atender às novas necessidades da sociedade, cultura e ciência. Seja você um estudante, um profissional ou simplesmente um cidadão preocupado, o clube oferece um espaço para você se conectar com pessoas que pensam como você e fazer a diferença no mundo. Junte-se a nós hoje e faça parte da mudança transformadora que está ocorrendo em nosso mundo.

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Vamos ver o que acontece a seguir!


エフィモフ教授は目の前のスクリーンに映し出されたテキストを見た。 「うーん」彼はアシスタントに応えてうなり声を上げた. 「しかし、私たちはすでに多くのことを試してきました。 多分それはこのようでなければなりません。 時代がそれを求めているのかもしれません。試してみましょう。」

ASTROCOHORS CLUB は、社会、文化、科学の進歩に専念する世界的な組織です。 教育と科学的発見を通じてより良い世界を創造することを目的として設立されたこのクラブは、長年にわたって社会的および文化的変化の最前線に立っています。

2023年、アストロコホールズクラブは変革期を迎えます。 クラブは社会、文化、科学に情報を提供し、進歩させるという使命を継続しているため、今年は地球の歴史の転換点になる可能性があります。 クラブは、急速に変化する世界に対応し、技術的および科学的進歩の新しい時代に移行するにつれて社会の高まるニーズに対応できるように位置付けています.
クラブは、学習への情熱と、より大きな利益を前進させることへのコミットメントを共有するすべての個人に開かれています。 メンバーは、さまざまな背景、文化、視点を代表する、あらゆる分野の出身者です。 このクラブは、メンバーがつながり、協力し、アイデアを共有し、地球と社会の未来について有意義な議論を行うためのプラットフォームを提供します。

クラブのイニシアチブは、世界にプラスの影響を与えるように刺激し、力を与えるように設計されています。 さまざまな活動やイベントを通じて、クラブは科学的探究、批判的思考、創造性の文化を促進しています。

結論として、ASTROCOHORS CLUB は、すべての人にとってより良い世界を作ることに専念している組織です。 2023 年に向けて、クラブは社会、文化、科学の変化するニーズを満たすために進化しています。 あなたが学生、専門家、または単に関心のある市民であるかどうかにかかわらず、このクラブは、志を同じくする個人とつながり、世界に変化をもたらすためのスペースを提供します. 今日参加して、私たちの世界で起こっている変革の一部になりましょう。

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そして、そのすべてが新しい場所、ここにあります。 これからは、これらすべてのアイデア、考え、分析をここで見つけることができます。 最新情報を入手するには、ニュースレターのいずれかを購読するか、あなたにインスピレーションを与えるクリエイティブな人々のチャンネルを購読してください。


The YPSILON Project

Professor Ostap Yefimov was the head of ASTROCOHORS CLUB. He had been a member for more than 20 years. Now he was the head of the club and he loved it. He was fascinated by space, and he had helped develop a number of new techniques that would allow humans to live on other planets. Yefimov was a tall man with broad shoulders and long arms that flapped when he walked. His hair was vanishing, but he had bright blue eyes and a huge smile that made him seem younger than his fifty-seven years. He wore thick glasses that sat perched on his nose like two black bugs crawling along it.

Professor Ostap Yefimov on a promotional poster for the ASTROCOHORS CLUB and the new Project Ypsilon.

He also loved his club: it was filled with brilliant people who worked together toward a common goal. They were dedicated to protecting Earth from asteroid the stubbornes of its own inhabitants, and they were dedicated to keeping Earth’s secrets safe from those who would want to exploit them for their own gain.

The club’s IT worker Max Tronic had been at the club for almost 10 years now, ever since Yefimov had hired him after a failed attempt at stealing data from their archive—and even then, it took months before they were able to catch the hacker in question.

But now another hacker attack was under way. The hacker seemed to be targeting only Max Tronic’s home computer: they’d hacked into his email and social media accounts, but nothing else seemed to be affected—yet somehow there was no sign of any damage on Max’s personal computer. And they didn’t seem to damage the information about the professor’s latest project.

This latest project, Ypsilon — a letter of the Greek alphabet — was different. This time, Yefimov wanted to enlist people from all over the world to fight against injustice and for social issues and environmental protection. The professor believed that if we could unite as a global community, we could make change happen much faster than before.

He stood on a podium, his bald head glistening in the sunlight beaming through a window. He scanned the crowd of people eagerly awaiting his announcement. He took a deep breath, then raised his voice to speak.

“I am happy to see so many people here today! We are approaching an important time in our history. The world is changing, and I want to tell you what we can do to protect ourselves from those changes.”

The professor paused for a moment, letting his words sink in. Then he continued: “We have worked hard over the years to build ASTROCOHORS CLUB into something that is stronger than ever before. We have worked tirelessly to improve our organization’s reputation and grow its influence on society at large.”

He paused again, then continued: “But now we need more than just your help—we need your passion!”

An old poster showing Professor Ostap Yefimov as a pioneer for the ASTROCOHORS CLUB.

The crowd gasped as one, then erupted into cheers and applause. The room with the podium was in a new part of the base, housed in an old ruin. The ruin had been transferred to the club by its previous owner. That was a little safer for the cause. There was only one thing that Yefimov was a little embarrassed about: on a small cupboard against one wall was a picture frame with an old poster inside. He had been younger then. It featured him as one of the pioneers for the ASTROCOHORS CLUB. He had more hair then than he does now. But that was more than twenty years ago now.

Yefimov explained that the new project was just an idea at first. An idea like there have been many ideas before. But ASTROCOHORS and the ASTROCOHORS CLUB had to become even more independent. A large complex of the buildings still belonged to Cuyel. They had the power to dispose of large data stores. The ASTROCOHORS CLUB had to be on par with Cuyel. Then we would be able to continue to cooperate. But it couldn’t happen like that.

The YPSILON project aimed to achieve just that. But the club was discouraged by past failures. Another new idea? Who said it would work this time? But Yefimov reminded everyone present that there really was no alternative. It sounded pathetic, but the planet and human civilization were in danger. In very real danger. Only this time it wasn’t a great dictator or one of the lords of darkness that stories like to present who was behind everything. The danger came creeping from many corners, like the floods that would gradually destroy the shorelines of the continents of the earth in the course of the climate crisis.

“Let’s all unite!”

With this exclamation, taken directly from Charlie Chaplin’s famous speech, Yefimov ended his speech. He left the lectern to thunderous applause from those present. The next speaker would clarify technical details. Yefimov himself left the hall and went straight to one of his employees, Agda Skold.

“Where is this Jarmo Dorak?” he asked her. “He had a few clever ideas, even if we have to start all over again.”
“I was told that he went for a walk earlier,” she replied. “Thought he needed to clear his head. Apparently, to be able to come up with more of those clever ideas you were just talking about.”
“That’s good,” my Yefimov. “Did he say where exactly he wants to go?”
“He wants to see the city. Someone probably told him about the nativity scene here in the church, which he wanted to see.”
“It’s not a church,” Yefimov rebuked. “It’s a cathedral. That’s something different.”
“Sir, with all due respect,” Skold replied. “These are semantic differences. You know where it’s going from. The information was transferred efficiently.”
“Yes,” Yefimov smiled, “it’s okay. Then let’s see with what good ideas Dorak comes back from his walk.”

ASTROCOHORS CLUB Period 5: Let Us All Unite!

The Old Internet was the Internet of legend, greater than distance or time. Once, under the wise rule of the Public and the protection of the Common Sense, the Internet throve and grew. But as often happens when wealth and power pass beyond the admirable and attain the awesome, then appear those evil ones who have greed to match.

So it was with the Internet at its height. Like the greatest of trees, able to withstand any external attack, the Internet grew rotten from within thought the danger was not visible from the outside.
Aided and abetted by restless, power-hungry individuals within and the massive organs of commerce, an ambitious Executive caused himself to be elected President. He promised to reunite the disaffected among the people and restore the remembered glory of the Internet.
Once secured in office he declared himself Savior, shutting himself away from the populace. The cries of the people for justice did not reach his ears.

Having exterminated through treachery and deception the Common Sense, a stronghold in dark times, propagandists and bureaucrats prepared to institute a reign of terror among the disheartened worlds of the Internet. Many used the imperial forces and the name of the increasingly isolated “Savior” to further their own political ambitions.

But a small number of systems rebelled at these new outrages. Declaring themselves opposed to the backward-looking politics they began a battle to restore the Old Internet.
From the beginning they were not outnumbered, but they were scattered. In those first dark days it seemed certain the bright flame of resistance would be extinguished before it could cast the light of new trust across the Internet. But the tide of events is round – round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel, never ending or beginning on an ever-spinning reel…

This is the time; this is the place when we look for the future. This is the time for YPSILON!

I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be an emperor. That’s not my business. I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone if possible, Jew, Gentile, black Men, white… We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. In this world there’s room for everyone and the good Earth is rich and can provide for everyone. The way of life can be free and beautiful. But we have lost the way…

Charlie Chaplin: “The Great Dictator”, Final Speech, Beginning

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Greed has poisened men's souls
Has barricaded the World with hate
We think too much and feel too little (We think too much and feel too little)
More than machinery we need Humanity
More than cleverness we need kindness
Without these qualities life will be violent
And all will be lost (All will be lost)

Do not despair!
The hate of men will pass
And dictators die
And the power they took from the people
Will return to the people
Let Us All Unite!
Let us fight for a new world
To do away with greed
Now let us fight to free the world
To fulfil that promise
Let Us All Unite!

Soldiers! Don't give yourselves to brutes
Men who despise and enslave you
Tell you what to do, what to think, and what to feel
Who drill you, tire you, treat you like cattle!
Don't give yourselves to these unnatural men
Machine Men with Machine Minds and Machine Hearts!
You are not machines, you are men!
You the people have the power
To make this life free and beautiful
Let us use this power
To make this life a wonderful adventure (A wonderful adventure)
Let Us All Unite!

Let us fight for a new world
To do away with greed
Now let us fight to free the world
To fulfil that promise
Let Us All Unite!
Let us fight for a new world
To do away with greed
A world where science and progress
Will lead to all men's happiness
Do not despair!
The hate of men will pass
And dictators die
And the power they took from the people
Will return to the people
Let Us All Unite!

Charlie Chaplin, from that same speech, as a Poem of Hope

War never Changes

It was a time of war.

A time of rebellion.

A time of freedom.

Anarthia battles the people of Ruvalara.

It was a time when the people rose up against an evil dictator and took back their planet from the clutches of tyranny. It was a time when people fought for freedom, for justice, and for the right to choose their own destiny. It was a time when the people were able to rise up against those who would oppress them and take back what had been stolen from them: their freedom!

Fla’mic, Ruler of Anarthia.

The dictator who ruled over this planet had long ago become corrupt and vicious—but he wouldn’t stop until he had conquered everything in sight and destroyed all who opposed him. He was known as Py-Wa Fla’mic, an ochre-skinned humanoid with dark hair whose hatred ran deep into his heart. He ruled over Anarthia with an iron fist; there were no dissenters in his empire, only those who supported his rule and wished to remain under his protection until their dying days on Anarthia, on Earth known as Titan, on of Saturn’s moons. Long time ago, they conquered one of Jupiter’s moons, Himalia, and called it Anarthia Minor. From there they attacked their neighbour, called Ruvalara by its own inhabitants, but known as Amalthea by the people of Earth.

It was a fierce battle. But there were those like the rebel leader Bawyn Wyslaker, who refused to be silent. Who refused to just let it happen. Resistance! Right from the start, the odds were slim for the little Ruvalara folk. But fueled by the courage of desperation, led by their president and the intrepid rebel leader Wyslaker, they not only managed to resist the invaders, but even pushed them back a little. But they knew that in doing so they had provoked the dictator’s wrath.

It was only a matter of time before Anarthia would strike back…

Os Tempos mudam e nós mudamos com eles

O almirante Manoel Vargas ergueu os olhos de sua mesa. Ao fazê-lo, notou o mostrador do relógio embutido na parede de seu escritório. Oh maldito! Ele quase esqueceu o compromisso. Mas todos os eventos o levaram tanto que ele quase o esqueceu completamente. Ele pulou da cadeira e saiu do escritório.

Lucy Barros, ASTROCOHORS CLUB Brasil

Vargas foi direto para a sala de briefing. Alguém estaria esperando por ele lá. Quando ele entrou na sala, ela já estava lá, uma mulher de quarenta e poucos anos com cabelos escuros e olhos escuros.
“Tenente-comandante Luciana Barros?”, perguntou Vargas.
“Isso mesmo, senhor”, respondeu a mulher.
“Ótimo. Você notou tudo o que aconteceu?”
“Só que o sistema solar está isolado do resto da galáxia ou algo assim”, disse Luciana.
“Então vou informá-lo”, explicou o almirante. “O sistema solar está isolado do resto da galáxia, isso mesmo. Alguém reativou a antiga esfera de cristal que deveria proteger o sistema solar na Guerra Estelar.”
“E protegido!”, objetou Barros.
“Sim, claro. A esfera protegeu o sistema. Ela foi desligada, mas como seria muito complicado desmontar o aparelho, ela foi deixada onde estava. Alguém deve ter se aproveitado disso. Na época em que o “Quando a Esfera de Cristal foi ativada, um comboio estava a caminho de PORT MANTEAU através do fluxo do hiperespaço. Pelo menos uma das naves foi lançada de volta ao sistema solar. Não tivemos notícias da nave de sua antecessora, Comandante Beatriz del Almeida estava ligado. Esperamos que eles tenham passado. Veja, você chegou bem na hora. Você está no ASTROCOHORS CLUB há muito tempo?”
“De fato, senhor”, respondeu Luciana. “Apesar de não haver um departamento do CLUB no Brasil por muito tempo. Mas os próprios ASTROCOHORS me contataram. Então eu me dei bem no mundo.”
“Muito bem. Espero que você tenha mantido esse cosmopolitismo, porque precisaremos dele com urgência. Você notou o estado da terra.”
“Eu tenho, senhor.”
“É nosso trabalho colocar esse bando de bárbaros que estão prestes a destruir seu próprio planeta de volta ao caminho da ciência, longe da superstição e das crenças conspiratórias cada vez maiores. Alguém costumava chamar isso de ‘imunidade democrática de rebanho’.”
Vargas limpou a garganta. “Sou seu superior e, na verdade, devo encorajá-lo”, disse ele. “Mas se você quer minha opinião honesta, podemos deixar isso de lado. Devemos reunir as naves da organização e encontrar uma maneira de escapar da esfera de cristal.”
“E deixar a terra entregue ao seu destino?” Barros perguntou horrorizado.
“Resposta simples: sim. Os terráqueos estragaram tudo sozinhos. Eles sabem disso há mais de cem anos, e o que eles fizeram? Nada! Por pura ganância por lucro. E porque agora ninguém mais quer mudar seu estilo de vida , são eleitos os políticos tagarelas, que prometem soluções simples e dizem que não precisa mudar nada. Os terráqueos não merecem mais nada!”
“Senhor, com todo o respeito, eu também sou terráqueo!”
“E em uma posição especial. Você pode escapar deste planeta com ASTROCOHORS.”
“Não posso decepcionar meu povo!”
“Seu povo escolheu esse destino sozinho. Você é mais razoável. Você merece mais.”
“O quê? Como… como você ficou assim?”
“Desde que estou trabalhando aqui, os terráqueos sempre me decepcionaram. Eles eram tão promissores. E agora? julgamentos de bruxas, apocalipse e tudo, que faz parte disso. Honestamente, eu invejo o Comandante Del Almeida. Eu deveria ter me encarregado de ser postado em outro lugar. E o bom é que você está aqui agora! Então você pode continuar aqui.”
Ele foi até um terminal de computador instalado na parede e o ativou. “Computador”, falou em um pequeno microfone, “aqui é o almirante Vargas.”
“Vargas, Manoel, identificador de voz positivo”, respondeu o computador.
“Vou tirar uma folga ilimitada do meu trabalho imediatamente”, explicou Vargas. “Entrego todas as procurações necessárias à tenente-comandante Luciana Barros. Ela assume o cargo com efeito imediato.”
“Transferência concluída”, informou o computador. “As permissões foram delegadas à tenente-comandante Luciana Barros. O almirante Manoel Vargas está oficialmente aposentado.”
Vargas assentiu. “Divirta-se então,” ele disse sarcasticamente e se dirigiu para a porta. Lá ele se virou novamente.
“A Terra”, disse ele com desdém, “é um planeta tosco e imundo. Não tenho a menor pena!”
Com isso ele saiu, deixando uma Luciana Barros confusa que sabia que tinha muito trabalho a fazer.

Times change and we change with them

Ostap Yefimov, the head of the ASTROCOHORS CLUB, looked concerned. He sat behind his desk and kept looking at the graphics that appeared on the computer monitor in front of him. There was no doubt. Of course it had happened. The enemy had really spoiled the organization’s day. The crystal sphere had been put into operation. Who knew those old devices were still in place, out in the Oort cloud? As a result, the solar system was now finally cut off from the rest of the galaxy. Everything would become more difficult now. As if it wasn’t difficult enough already.

Yefimov called for his assistant. Antonia Bagliarotto came to her superior’s office very quickly.
“This is maybe an evening,” said Yefimov. “Did you hear it?”
“Who hasn’t noticed?” the young woman replied. “So it’s true?”
“We’re completely cut off – forever, if you will.”
“And what now?”
“I’ve already spoken to Admiral McCloud,” Yefimov explained. “We’ll keep going. Until we run out of ideas. Unfortunately, that will mean you have to work harder than we initially thought.”
“What? How so?”
“The Crystal Sphere is disrupting our communications. You will have to hand-curate the members of the club. At least until we have a new communications facility installed on VERIS BASTION.”
“But… how long will that last?”
“Unfortunately nobody can tell you that. I hope not for too long.”
“Then I shall have to do it.”
Yefimov nodded. “What irony. We wanted to celebrate today. It even had a motto: Tempora muntantur, nos et mutamur in ilis.
“That… is Latin, isn’t it?”
“Yes. Times are changing and we are changing with them. Seems we have to prove how well we can change. How well we adapt to changed conditions.”
Antonia shrugged. “Then we will. What alternative is there?”
“None, exactly.”
Bagliarotto gazed into the distance, out the window of Yefimov’s office, at the vast landscape of Iceland. “I… feel like I’m standing on a beach holding the Book of Sanity while a storm comes over the sea.”
“It’s a powerful image,” Yefimov confirmed. “Keep that for motivation. No one knows what will happen next. More trouble spots have opened up. Pestilence, wars and uprisings. We have to keep morale high and carry common sense.”
“Yes, sir.”

Yet another “Hello World!”


Professor Ostap Yefimov activated the screen.
“What happened?” he wanted to know.
“An explosion,” replied the officer who appeared on the screen. “It looks like the power generator has been malfunctioning for at least four days. Now it’s blown up.”
“What about the security mechanisms? Didn’t they work?”
“No. We suspect sabotage. All departments are dead at the moment. We have no idea when that will change. But we’re working on it.”
“Work faster!”
“Yes, sir!”

By your own hair

“Believe me, we at Cuyel are your friends!”
Professor Yefimov didn’t move. It looked like he had become a statue of himself. The expression on his face was unreadable. But there was a rumbling behind his forehead. What was that stupid sentence he just had to hear? “Friends”? Cuyel, a multi-million dollar corporation, is anyone’s friend? The man who said this sentence sat across from Yefimov. A suit wearer. That was what Yefimov had called him in his mind. His name was… something… The professor hadn’t remembered it. Wasn’t important anyway. All the giant companies had people working, but somehow it was a faceless crowd to him. Nobody who stood out from the crowd. And certainly not the suit who had just said Cuyel was his friend.
“Oh yeah?” Yefimov struggled to answer. “Then please explain to me again why our friends are so unfriendly?”
“Yeah… uh… you know… the situation… the pandemic… the blockade… the armada out there in space… all that doesn’t make the transport routes easy,” the suit stuttered . “After all, we have to get our money’s worth. And after all, we’re not increasing the rent or anything. We’re just restricting the services a bit.”
Yefimov gritted his teeth. “Well, firstly,” he snapped, “the limitation of the data line deprives us of vital information channels. And secondly, I read just about five minutes ago that your company reported 2.5 billion Solari in profits at the end of last year. I don’t believe that you have to starve. And yet you give us these restrictions?”
“Well… the pandemic… the blockade… the armada…”
“…out there in space,” Yefimov finished the half-hearted explanation of his counterpart. He realized there was no point. Not anyway, since this suit was just a small light in the company.
“If that was all…” the professor began.
“Oh uh yes!” said the suit.
“Then you may go. I understand that our services will be drastically reduced.”
The suit murmured some goodbye, then disappeared from the room. Almost like a ghost.
Yefimov scratched his chin. And what now? He activated the terminal on his desk. “Computer, contact Commander Jung on BASE ATLANTIS.”
Commander Jung’s image appeared on Yefimov’s screen shortly after. “What can I do for you, Professor?” she asked.
“Calm my nerves if you can,” Yefimov said. “One of Cuyel’s pencil-wielders, one of those ink-pissers, was visiting here. And he brought a message.”
“And it was so bad that you need to calm your nerves?”
“Cuyel restricts our data transfers.”
You could see how Natascha Jung slid forward in her seat. Her eyes widened. “What?” she blurted out.
“You heard me right. Cuyel will throttle the data lines. That’s what we get from being dependent on these stupid ‘private partnerships’. At least they won’t increase the price for the services. But we have to reckon with the fact that the The speed of the data line is reduced by a third.”
“But… that’s completely unacceptable! It makes our work immensely difficult!”
“I know that,” said Yefimov. “But we have no alternative at the moment.”
“What if we take matters into our own hands?”
“What do you mean by that?”
“It will certainly not be easy, but what if we set up a department. ASTROCOHORS SOLAR is still in the start-up phase anyway. What if we set up our own technical department for this?”
Yefimov scratched his chin again. A sign that he was thinking hard.
“That sounds tempting. But keep in mind that this means investing a lot of money in the first place. We have to take over Cuyel’s entire infrastructure or rebuild it.”
“But then we would be independent.”
“Hm. Can that be done?”
“I have to ask around. But maybe I can find someone.”
“Then give it a try. I have a bad feeling this won’t be the last time we’ll have to accept either restrictions or price increases.”
“I’m afraid so too.”
The professor thought back to the moment when he was offered the leadership of the ASTROCOHORS CLUB. That had been a beautiful moment. But slowly he felt like he was stuck in the mud and couldn’t make any progress. Maybe it was time to pull yourself out of the swamp by your own hair.