America’s War of Disinformation: A Conversation with Lee McIntyre

As my guest, Lee McIntyre writes in his book On Disinformaiton: “Welcome to the world of reality denial, where truth is subordinate to ideology, feelings have more weight than evidence, and democracy hangs in the balance”. We are in a disinformation war in America where the goal of those creating the lies is not just to get us to question some particular fact – vaccines don’t work, covid isn’t real, the election was stolen – but to question your trust in people who might tell you the truth. As Lee says, “Don’t just lie – Polarize.” The right has done this incredibly well by exploiting preexisting grievances and resentments to form a community around the “us against them” narrative where the other side isn’t just biased, they’re evil. So what do we do when doubt can be overcome by evidence but trust can not. How do you get people to believe the truth then their very identity is wrapped up in NOT believing it?

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