Debunking CinemaSins’ “Everything Wrong With The Fellowship of the Ring”

Over the past few years, there has been a trend of YouTube channels, such as Cinema Sins (or the Nostalgia Critic), that have gained a massive following for their “critiques” of movies. However, many viewers fail to recognize that these channels are meant to be taken lightly and as entertainment, rather than genuine film critiques. The issue with this trend is that a significant portion of the audience takes these channels seriously, resulting in the movies being unjustly criticized and hurting the performance of the movie.

Cinema Sins and similar channels use comedic exaggeration and nitpicking to poke fun at films. While they may point out legitimate flaws in a film, they often overlook the positive aspects and overall experience of the movie. Unfortunately, many viewers take these channels at face value and use their critiques to form an opinion about a film without watching it. This leads to a significant number of potential viewers avoiding movies that they perceive as bad or poorly made.

The problem with this is that these channels are not genuine film critics, and their critiques should not be taken as such. They are intended to be entertainment, and viewers should recognize that the criticisms are often exaggerated and meant to be humorous. It is also important to acknowledge that a movie’s performance at the box office is a significant factor in determining its success. When viewers avoid a film due to the negative perception generated by channels like Cinema Sins, it can hurt the film’s financial success, leading to fewer opportunities for filmmakers to create new and innovative content.

In conclusion, while YouTube channels like Cinema Sins provide entertainment and humor, they should not be taken as genuine film critiques. Viewers need to recognize that these channels are not intended to be serious or objective reviews of movies. The harm caused by these channels comes when audiences take their critiques seriously, leading to a distorted perception of a film’s quality and hurting the movie’s performance at the box office. Viewers should enjoy these channels for what they are, but take their critiques with a grain of salt and not let them influence their opinions of movies they have not seen.

In the light of this, let’s look at a series of videos debunking CinemaSins’ videos about the Lord of the Rings movies made by Peter Jackson. The debunking is done by Tolkien Lore.

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