The Damage Report Live: Silicon Valley Bank Investigated & Tucker Parrots Putin Talking Points

“The Damage Report” is an unflinching, no holds barred accounting of the damage done by the Trump administration, and the day by day battle to hold the Biden administration accountable. The Damage Report host Francesca Fiorentini is joined by Jayar Jackson, host of The Watchlist, for Big News Wednesday!

The DOJ opens investigations into Silicon Valley Bank collapse, and Democrats are questioned for deregulation votes. Russia shoots down a US drone over the Black Sea, and many of Tucker’s talking points parrot Putin’s. Big Pharma slashes prices on insulin, but not for the greater good. Ohio Attorney General announces lawsuit over Norfolk Southern train derailment. A Starbucks Karen emerges in a homophobic rampage in Miami. Conservatives still can’t define woke, but won’t stop talking about it. ‘Ivermectin Influencer’ dies after spreading the seed of anti-vax misinformation. Conservatives combust after Drew Barrymore brings a trans Tiktoker on her show.

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