Scott Adams Said the Quiet Part Out Loud | I’m All Over the Place Podcast by Dara Starr Tucker

Let’s welcome Dara Starr Tucker. In her space you’ll find a bit of music, some social commentary & even comedy. “Come for the zip, stay for the pizzazz” as she says it.

In this episode of her podcast “I’m All Over the Place” she has an actual topic: Recently, comic strip writer Scott Adams, who created the Dilbert character, made some incendiary statements about Black people. These are not the first controversial statements he’s made about race, sexuality, gender or feminism. It’s been his stock and trade for the better part of 15 years.

But is there a greater conversation to be had around these sentiments, which he claims not to hold sincerely? Is this really just about the manipulative rantings of a wannabe social manipulator? Or do his comments speak to a deeper truth about our society at large? Join Dara Starr Tucker and her cohost Greg Bryant as they dig a little deeper on this one.

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