ULTRAMAN Z Episode 1 “Chant My Name!”

Once, shards of evil called “Devil Splinters” were scattered across space, throwing the galaxy into chaos. At that time, Ultraman Z, a new member of the Inter Galactic Defense Force who sought out Ultraman Zero as a mentor, comes down to Earth while chasing the Ferocious Space Shark Genegarg. On Earth, the Anti-Monster Robot Force STORAGE is formed to face down the monsters that appear on a daily basis. In his first battle, Z merges with Haruki Natsukawa, a new pilot of STORAGE. Together, they rise up to protect the peace! However, behind the scenes, the parasitic lifeform Celebro has set a terrifying plot into motion…

Haruki Natsukawa is a pilot for Global Allied Forces Japan’s robot unit, “STORAGE.” As he fights day and night to keep the peace on Earth, a new Ultra Hero alights before him!

That hero’s name is Ultraman Z (Zett). He’s a hot-blooded hero who introduces himself as the disciple of Ultraman Zero.

In the face of the Ferocious Space Shark Genegarg’s onslaught, the two imperiled heroes become one, and the story of a new Ultra begins!

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Audio in Japanese, switch on subtitles for English translation.

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