Rocketing to Earth

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Jarmo Dorak let out a sigh and with that sigh, a realization slipped through the room: it could be over so quickly. A moment ago the future was still bright – and then it became dark. It had only been a month since he and Tashana had been locked in the spa and used the time to talk about various things. About their feelings for each other. That they wanted to go towards the future together.

And suddenly Tashana found that she wasn’t happy. That she and Jarmo were too different. At least in their opinion. Jarmo didn’t think so. Yes, they were different in many ways, but that was also what made the relationship so appealing. Tashana didn’t appreciate that. From one day to the next it was over and she was gone.

Jarmo flew towards earth in the spaceship. After Tashana said goodbye, he had been flying aimlessly through space. Before there was a goal, but that was all gone now. The Temple of the Wind Harp? Was there any point in finding it if he wouldn’t be able to rejoice it with Tashana? Jarmo hadn’t contacted the organization either. Probably ASTROCOHORS had tried the opposite. But he didn’t care about that either.

The earth was right in front of him now. A thought crossed his mind. Should he let his grief overcome him? Should he let his life be ruled by a woman in whose life he no longer played a role? No! She’d sent him a message from Neptune, saying something that she’d met a guy from Mercury and she was going to move in with him…why was she telling him that? Jarmo guessed she was convincing herself everything was fine. She and he were just friends now, and friends are what you tell what’s going on in life. But it wasn’t okay.

Jarmo reprogrammed his spaceship’s controls. The ASTROCOHORS CLUB would probably miss him. At least someone who missed him at all. But in that moment, Jarmo decided that he would continue. Alone.

He wondered if it was the conversation. Such a conversation was like a bad omen, he realized. At least that’s how it was in every relationship he’d had up until now. Just when both of them knew how they wanted the future to be, that future shattered. Maybe it would be better to just live from day to day.

The spaceship made a turn, away from Earth, into space. Jarmo was searching again.