Everything Wrong With CinemaSins: Blade Runner Franchise

Join Th3Birdman as he digs deep into the world of movie analysis. In the realm of online film critique, “Everything Wrong With” videos have gained substantial popularity. However, behind their comedic approach lies a fundamental flaw – the tendency to throw garbage at movies under the guise of highlighting supposed plot holes or movie mistakes.

In this video, Th3Birdman meticulously examines the claims made in “Everything Wrong With” videos and reveal the fallacies within. He exposes the videos’ misleading and often exaggerated claims, demonstrating how they cherry-pick minor inconsistencies or employ forced interpretations to create an illusion of incompetence on the part of filmmakers.

Throughout this episode, Th3Birdman provides well-researched counterarguments, drawing upon critical analysis, interviews, and insider knowledge to debunk the misleading claims made by these videos. By this Th3Birdman promotes a deeper understanding of filmmaking and encourage a more nuanced appreciation for the creative choices made by directors, writers, and actors.

Together, let’s challenge the culture of negativity and celebrate the creativity and dedication that goes into creating cinematic masterpieces. In this special video, Th3Birdman takes a look at the EWW videos on the “Blade Runner” franchise:

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