Covetous Convergence: The Avarice of the Titan

Good thing he was wearing that hazmat suit. The night in the desert was cold. But the sun’s rays had just risen and the researcher knew exactly that the cold was now being replaced by the relentless heat of the day. The Sahara was just not a destination for occasional tourists. Even if many tourists went to the Sahara.
The researcher activated his visor scanner and surveyed the cave in the rock. Perhaps now, at this early hour, he would find something. But probably not. The trail he was following was probably already cold.

How could that have happened? The researcher never thought that someone who was so committed to the law would suddenly go astray because of small things. Just because of this artifact that supposedly promised a new life? That statement alone, a new life… what should one imagine by that? How could a layman come across such a papyrus, which would have been an archaeological sensation, if it could have been examined by scientists. But no, the person really wanted to find what the papyrus promised.

New life. Whatever had happened, the researcher would no longer be able to understand it. He had followed the trail, but he hadn’t found everything. The alleged blue pyramid, for example, which should be hidden somewhere in the sands of Egypt. The Hidden City of Nut-Ankh-Aris. All these were names that probably had no real meaning.

But at least he had found the cave under the mountain. Someone must have been here too. But what then? Tracks led to the cave, none back. But there was nobody in the cave either. Did the person find the artifact? And if so, what happened then? Nobody would be able to say that anymore. What could it possibly be, this “new life”?

Luckily the researcher didn’t turn around. Otherwise he would have found his question answered and probably lost his mind at the sight.

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