Ancient Therapy for Modern Problems: Stoic Philosophy Explained

Stoa (στοά) or Stoic philosophy or Stoicism is one of the most influential philosophical edifices in Western history. It was invented by Zeno of Kition around 300 BC. founded. The name (Greek στοά ποικίλη – “colored vestibule”) goes back to a columned hall (Stoa) on the Agora, the market place of Athens, in which Zeno of Kition began his teaching activities.

A special feature of the Stoic philosophy is the cosmological, holistic view of the world, which results in a universal principle governing all natural phenomena and natural contexts. Followers of the Stoa are called Stoics. For the Stoic as an individual, it is important to recognize and fill his place in this order by learning to accept his lot through the practice of emotional self-control and striving for wisdom with the help of serenity and peace of mind (ataraxia).

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