Willy Wonka: Capitalism for Kids!

Christmas is around the corner and beloved children stories are told once more. Stories we inherit from our parents. But to some of these stories there’s a dark side. Some of these stories subconsciously try to get children to accept certain circumstances for granted rather than to question them.

An adult engaged in writing a book for children may well intend to present a life-affirming vision that communicates cultural values and traditions, but at the same time that adult may consciously or unconsciously induce, even seduce, the child to accept and repeat the neurotic discontents of culture and civilization.

Hamida Bosmajian: “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Other Excremental Visions”

Willy Wonka is such a beloved children’s fiction character. But is he actually as sweet as he appears? Or is there a bitter darkness that lurks beneath his sugary surface?

Let’s talk about it.

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