Inspiring Philosophy Claims Christianity Doesn’t Cause Christian Nationalism | Pt 1: The Unchurched

In this video The Prophet of Zod takes a look at Inspiring Philosophy’s claim that Christianity does not cause Christian Nationalism. It’s an idea that sounds absurd – almost contradictory – on its face, but Inspiring Philosophy runs through a lot of rapid-fire points/studies that can make the idea start to sound plausible. His video can be broken down into three main arguments: 1) Christian Nationalism is (supposedly) more prevalent among unchurched than churched populations, 2) 19th-20th Century missionaries spread democracy and literacy (which probably means it’s not likely to have caused 21st Century Christian Nationalism), and 3) An unpopular political party from 20th Century Germany was not as Christian as some people think. This specific video focuses on the first claim.

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