Disney Made in Europe – The Funny Paperbacks | ACC #075

“Funny Paperback” (until 1987 “Walt Disney’s Funny Paperbacks”), LTB for short (from German “Lustiges Taschenbuch”), is a German-language comic publication that has been published by Egmont Ehapa Media since 1967. Paperbacks are usually 256 pages (250 pages comics). By December 2022, 566 volumes had been published. There are also numerous sub-series and new editions.

Comics from the universe around Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse appear in the Funny Paperback. The vast majority of comics come from Italy, and there are also a significant number of comics from Scandinavia. Comics from other countries are rare, e.g. B. in volume # 53, which includes several US stories by Carl Barks. And as this is the 75th episode, Jarmo Dorak gives a quick overview over this series of books.

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