War never Changes

It was a time of war.

A time of rebellion.

A time of freedom.

Anarthia battles the people of Ruvalara.

It was a time when the people rose up against an evil dictator and took back their planet from the clutches of tyranny. It was a time when people fought for freedom, for justice, and for the right to choose their own destiny. It was a time when the people were able to rise up against those who would oppress them and take back what had been stolen from them: their freedom!

Fla’mic, Ruler of Anarthia.

The dictator who ruled over this planet had long ago become corrupt and vicious—but he wouldn’t stop until he had conquered everything in sight and destroyed all who opposed him. He was known as Py-Wa Fla’mic, an ochre-skinned humanoid with dark hair whose hatred ran deep into his heart. He ruled over Anarthia with an iron fist; there were no dissenters in his empire, only those who supported his rule and wished to remain under his protection until their dying days on Anarthia, on Earth known as Titan, on of Saturn’s moons. Long time ago, they conquered one of Jupiter’s moons, Himalia, and called it Anarthia Minor. From there they attacked their neighbour, called Ruvalara by its own inhabitants, but known as Amalthea by the people of Earth.

It was a fierce battle. But there were those like the rebel leader Bawyn Wyslaker, who refused to be silent. Who refused to just let it happen. Resistance! Right from the start, the odds were slim for the little Ruvalara folk. But fueled by the courage of desperation, led by their president and the intrepid rebel leader Wyslaker, they not only managed to resist the invaders, but even pushed them back a little. But they knew that in doing so they had provoked the dictator’s wrath.

It was only a matter of time before Anarthia would strike back…

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