In the Claws of the Tiger

Jarmo Dorak and Tashana Oyan had been through a lot since they first met during the Tournament of Death. They had fought together in various battles, faced many dangerous situations, and had become more than just friends. They had become a couple, and now they were taking some time off to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

They had chosen Uranus as their vacation destination, a planet known for its breathtaking scenery and peaceful atmosphere. They had rented a small cottage close to a beautiful lake and were spending their days swimming, hiking, and exploring the area. They had never been happier.

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But their peace was short-lived. One day, while they were enjoying a romantic picnic by the lake, they noticed some strange-looking people approaching them. They were humanoid, but their skin was a sickly shade of green, and their eyes were yellow and slitted like those of a cat. Jarmo and Tashana were immediately on guard, but the strangers seemed friendly enough.

“Hello there,” one of them said, smiling. “I hope we’re not disturbing you. We’re new to the area and were just looking for some friendly faces.”

Jarmo and Tashana exchanged a look. They had been in enough dangerous situations to know that things were never as simple as they seemed. Still, they didn’t want to be rude, so they invited the strangers to join them for lunch.

As they chatted, Jarmo and Tashana couldn’t help but notice that the strangers seemed to be sizing them up. They were asking a lot of questions about the area, the local security, and even about Jarmo’s and Tashana’s combat abilities. Jarmo and Tashana started to feel uneasy, and they decided to cut the lunch short and return to their cottage.

That night, they heard strange noises outside. They went to investigate and found that their cottage was being raided by the same group of strangers they had met earlier. They were not friendly anymore; they were armed and dangerous.

Jarmo and Tashana didn’t hesitate. They grabbed their weapons and prepared to fight. They managed to hold off the attackers for a while, but there were too many of them. They were outnumbered and outgunned.

Just as they were about to be overwhelmed, they heard a voice calling out orders to the attackers. It was a deep, menacing voice, and it seemed to be coming from a communicator.

“Stop!” the voice commanded. “Stand down. I want to see these two.”

The attackers hesitated for a moment but then backed off, leaving Jarmo and Tashana standing in the middle of the ruined cottage, weapons at the ready.

And then he appeared. The Tiger. He was tall and muscular, with a mane of red hair and a prominent scar running down his left cheek. He was dressed in black leather, and he had a cold, calculating look in his eyes.

“Well, well, well,” he said, looking at Jarmo and Tashana. “You two put up quite a fight. I’m impressed.”

“What do you want?” Jarmo demanded, keeping his weapon trained on the Tiger.

“I want you, of course,” the Tiger said with a grin. “You’re the only ones on this planet who tried to stop me, and I can’t have that. So, I’m giving you a choice. Join me, or die.”

Jarmo and Tashana exchanged a look. They knew what the right choice was, but they also knew that it would be a tough road ahead.

“We’ll never join you,” Tashana said, her voice firm.

“Very well,” the Tiger said with a shrug. “You leave me no choice.”

The Tiger signaled to his henchmen, and they charged towards Jarmo and Tashana. The couple didn’t flinch, and they stood their ground, ready for a fight. Jarmo drew his energy sword, while Tashana pulled out her plasma rifle.

The fight was intense. Jarmo and Tashana fought with all their might, taking down henchmen one by one. The Tiger was watching the fight from a distance, studying their moves, and planning his next move.

Jarmo noticed that the henchmen were fighting more aggressively than usual. They seemed to be enhanced with some kind of cybernetic implants. It made them faster, stronger, and more durable than normal human beings. Jarmo and Tashana had to be more careful and precise in their attacks, but they were still holding their ground.

The Tiger was impressed with their fighting skills. He had seen many warriors in his time, but none like Jarmo and Tashana. He knew that he had to take them seriously if he wanted to defeat them.

The fight went on for several minutes, and Jarmo and Tashana were starting to tire. They had taken down many henchmen, but there were still more to go. Suddenly, the Tiger stepped forward, drawing his own sword.

“Now, it’s my turn,” he said with a grin.

Jarmo and Tashana braced themselves for the fight of their lives. The Tiger charged towards them, swinging his sword with incredible force. Jarmo and Tashana dodged his attacks, but they could tell that he was a formidable opponent. He was fast, agile, and his attacks were deadly.

The three of them fought in a fierce battle, clashing their swords against each other’s. Jarmo and Tashana had to use all their skills and experience to keep up with the Tiger. He was a worthy adversary, and they could tell that he had been trained in combat since he was a child.

The fight went on for what seemed like hours, but in reality, it was only a few minutes. Jarmo and Tashana were tiring, and they could tell that the Tiger was still going strong. Suddenly, the Tiger made a fatal mistake. He left himself open, and Jarmo seized the opportunity. He charged towards the Tiger, thrusting his sword towards his chest.

The Tiger was quick, and he dodged Jarmo’s attack. But he didn’t see Tashana coming from behind. She fired her plasma rifle, hitting the Tiger in the back. The Tiger roared in pain, but he didn’t go down. He turned around, facing Tashana, and charged towards her.

Tashana fired her plasma rifle again, but it was too late. The Tiger was upon her, swinging his sword towards her head. Jarmo saw what was happening, and he leaped towards the Tiger, intercepting his attack. The two swords clashed together, and there was a blinding flash of light.

When the light cleared, the Tiger was lying on the ground, his sword broken in two. Jarmo and Tashana were standing over him, their swords drawn and ready for the final blow. The Tiger looked up at them, his eyes filled with respect.

“You are worthy opponents,” he said with a smile. “I respect you, but I still can’t let you live. I have too much at stake.”

Jarmo and Tashana exchanged a look. They knew what they had to do. They raised their swords, ready to strike the final blow. But then, they heard a voice calling out to them.

“Stop!” the voice said. “Don’t do it.”

Jarmo and Tashana turned around, their swords still at the ready. They saw a figure approaching them from the shadows. It was a tall, lean man, dressed in a long, black coat. He had a face that was covered by a hood, and his eyes glinted with a strange light.

“Who are you?” Jarmo asked, lowering his sword slightly.

“I am the Oracle,” the man said. “I have been watching your fight, and I know what you are capable of.”

“The Oracle?” Tashana repeated. “What do you want?”

“I want to offer you a choice,” the Oracle said. “You can kill the Tiger and his men, and leave this planet. Or you can spare their lives and bring them to justice.”

“Why should we listen to you?” Jarmo asked. “Who are you to make such a decision?”

“I am the one who sees all,” the Oracle said. “I have been gifted with the power of foresight, and I know what will happen if you kill the Tiger. It will lead to a chain of events that will have dire consequences for the entire universe.”

“What kind of consequences?” Tashana asked.

“The Tiger is not just a mere gangster,” the Oracle said. “He is part of a larger organization, one that seeks to overthrow the Solar Council and take control of the planets. If you kill him, it will only serve to strengthen their resolve.”

Jarmo and Tashana looked at each other. They knew that the Oracle was telling the truth, somehow. They had seen the evidence of the Tiger’s connection to a larger organization, and they knew that it would be a mistake to underestimate their power.

“What do you suggest we do?” Jarmo asked.

“You must spare the Tiger’s life and capture him and his men,” the Oracle said. “You must bring them to the Council and let justice be served.”

“And what about you?” Tashana asked. “What’s in it for you?”

“I have no stake in this matter,” the Oracle said. “I am merely an observer, a guardian of the universe. It is my duty to ensure that the balance is maintained.”

Jarmo and Tashana looked at each other. They knew that the Oracle was right. They had to spare the Tiger’s life and bring him to justice. They lowered their swords and approached the Tiger, who was still lying on the ground, wounded and defeated.

“We spare your life,” Jarmo said. “But you must come with us to face the Council and stand trial for your crimes.”

The Tiger looked up at them, his eyes filled with hatred and defiance. But he knew that he had been defeated, and he had no choice but to comply.

“Very well,” he said. “I will go with you. But mark my words, Jarmo and Tashana. This is not over. You have made a powerful enemy today, and I will not forget this.”

Jarmo and Tashana didn’t flinch. They knew that they had done the right thing, and they were prepared to face the consequences of their actions.

The Oracle watched them as they left the scene, the Tiger and his men in tow. He knew that their journey was far from over, and that they would face many challenges and obstacles in the future. But he also knew that they were strong and resilient, and that they would prevail in the end.

The Oracle disappeared into the shadows, his job done. He had fulfilled his duty as a guardian of the universe, and he knew that he would be called upon again in the future. But for now, he was content to watch and wait, knowing that the fate of the universe was in good hands.