The Dark Side of Introverts

This is Psych2Go, saving lives by building a community around mental health and psychology animated content. Their mission is to give you the hard topics and make it relatable and understandable; they hope to decrease the stigma associated with mental health and bring light to the darkness.

This channel started back in 2017 when the founder has just graduated from his BA psychology degree from UBC. After realizing the power of psychology, he wanted to share what he was learning to the world. Psych2Go is more than just a psychology channel. Psych2Go empowers people to seek professional help by validating the challenges that we all go through.

An introvert has no shortage of admirable traits. They are creative, intelligent, and independent souls with a loving and gentle heart. Does that sound like you? Despite these number of good traits, not all is pretty for an introvert. In the video, let’s explore some of the dark sides of introverts.

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Disclaimer: No introvert is alike, but there’s a tendency for them to share similar personality quirks with others of the same energy levels.

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