How to Watch Star Wars, Part Two: The Special Editions Are the Movies, Get Over It

It took Rick Worley quite some time to continue his essays about Star Wars. It was worth the wait, because he shows us where the infamous (and idiotic) quote “George Lucas r*ped my childhood” originated. He says about his video about the different versions of the Star Wars movies: “Hopefully it’s worth the wait for the people who have been asking for this. I think it’s the most comprehensive video that’s been made about the changes to the different versions of the Star Wars movies, and also a discussion about how and why the changes exist and why some of them are controversial, and a discussion about film preservation in general and why art changes over time. It’s divided into three parts so you can watch it episodically if you want, but I didn’t want to post it as three separate videos because it’s all interrelated.”

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