How to Watch Star Wars, Part One: The Prequels Are Better Movies Than You Deserve

It’s more than twenty years of stray observations about the films and especially the prequels which should be interesting to people, and a rebuttal to Red Letter Media and all those other terrible YouTube reviews, hopefully combined into an interesting essay. And this is what Rick Worley has done.

He says: “Being me, it talks a lot about Bob Dylan and Kubrick and all those other guys I’m always on about, and I could have cut it down or cut it up into separate videos, but in the end I didn’t want to. It all ties together, and I think it’s interesting.

For all the people over the years who ask why I like the Star Wars prequels so much and I’ve said it’s a complicated subject that takes a long time to get into, well, it looks like 2 hours and 20 minutes is about how long it takes to get into, and here’s your answer!”

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