LISTEN UP YOU APES! This is the first of a three part series. It’s about young men and women fighting giant bugs – and by the way, they’re fascists. The chapters:

00:00 Everyone Drops
04:41 Lazarus Long and The Competent Man
13:59 Space Marines, Command and Control
20:34 History and Moral Philosophy
26:16 By His Bootstraps — All You Zombies
29:34 Boy’s Life – Be Prepared
31:44 Mobile Infantry and Fleet Don’t Mix
38:06 1-2-3-4-I Love Marine Corps
46:52 Who Does Not Get Citizenship?
49:46 “Juan” Rico
54:09 This Pompous Fraud, Karl Marx
59:02 There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Life
1:04:53 A Martian Pronunciation Guide
1:08:00 End Credits

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  • Heinlein’s Navy isn’t all female, the positions of starship pilot were prioritized for women.
  • during the lead-in to the Fanon part I say “Juan Rico” when I meant to refer to Ramon Magsaysay-likely the inspiration for the character
  • I fail to mention that the 3rd act of Stranger in a Strange Land is about Smith founding a sex cult
  • I also don’t mention the 2nd alien race from the book, The Skinnies, because they seemed pretty irrelevant to the topic
  • I didn’t show enough of Michael’s cats. So sorry.

More information to follow. DISMISSED.

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