Iraq Al Amir Women’s Cooperative – TREADRIGHT FOUNDATION

Tucked in the magical mountains of Jordan, covered with secret caves and blessed with a shining stream is the women’s cooperative of Iraq Al Amir. The purpose of our film and adventure with the TreadRight foundation and Celine Cousteau is primarily to highlight these wonderful women who have hidden talents that will warm your hearts and nourish your soul – AND stomach!

The organization was established in 1993 to support job opportunities for women of all ages in Jordan! They pour their love and sincere skills into making fabric, ceramics, soap, paper, and the yummiest food!

Many major travel companies now like Insight Vacations and Uniworld River Cruises visit the cooperative with their tours and whether you join an adventure with them to #maketravelmatter or find yourself on a solo trip to Jordan, please visit Iraq Al Amir! Within moments we were no longer tourists in a land of harsh deserts, but women coming together to support each other! We learned to make all their handy crafts and combine the legendary spices like thyme and turmeric to nourish the body mind and soul.

In a country where the women’s primary role is wife and care giver, Irag Al Amir is gem in the rough that deserves the support and reverence of those who venture to the Middle East to support their dreams and preserve it for future generations to benefit from!

Cinematographer: Connor Guest

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Dan Prevette
Raphael Chestang
Luke Field
Nalini Sharma
Mike Trapp
Francesca McLafferty

Director – Veronica Rodriguez
Writer – Rekha Shankar
Producer – Francesca McLafferty
Production Coordinator – Jessica Clemons
Director of Photography – Cooper James
Hair & Make Up – Denise R. Valentine
Sound Mixer – Matt Kendrick of BoTown Sound
Editor – Nick Rood

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