The Fatal Phobia: Why Your Fear of Needles Could Kill You | Incident Report 213

Dr. Amy Baxter is on a mission to relieve suffering. People blow off needle fear but could we be losing a generation to antivaccine attitudes because of a failure of compassion? Real science and real solutions in an amazing interview.

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Why Vaccinate So Early? | AMA 11

Here are the crucial reasons to protect your newborn against hepatitis B, STAT.

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On The Perils Of Concrete Thinking | Incident Report 210

In this episode we discuss the concrete thinking used by anti-vaccine activists, and how the damage done might apply to other spheres as well. Since Tom Hinueber is involved, we also discuss free will and choice (particularly in the realms of depression and mental illness), cognitive behavior therapy and distortions of thinking, common-enemy vs. common-humanity identity politics, what antivaxxers get RIGHT about our healthcare system, the discrete nature of consciousness, and much more. It’s 2019 people, enjoy yourselves, ZPac.

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What’s Up With MTHFR and Vaccines? | Incident Report 202

Here’s some quick knowledge to drop on them MTHFRs, ya feel me?

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The key to a better malaria vaccine | Faith Osier

The malaria vaccine was invented more than a century ago — yet each year, hundreds of thousands of people still die from the disease. How can we improve this vital vaccine? In this informative talk, immunologist and TED Fellow Faith Osier shows how she’s combining cutting-edge technology with century-old insights in the hopes of creating a new vaccine that eradicates malaria once and for all.

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The Deadliest Flu Season in History?

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The flu might feel like some minor illness that you don’t need to worry about much, but tens of thousands of people still die from it every year. And back in 1918, Flu killed up to 5% of the world’s population. Could a flu that bad happen again?



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Why We Vaccinate (w/Dr. Paul Offit) | Subtitle Version

A luminary of science talks compassionately about why we should vaccinate our loved ones.

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Dr. Paul Offit is professor of pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

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My Debate With An Antivax Researcher |

It went pretty much exactly as expected…

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The Danger of Celebrity Health Advice (w/Dr. Paul Offit) | Incident Report 192

Dr. Paul Offit is the most hated MD in the antivax world…which means he’s our favorite doc EVER. (Check the drama when antivax protestors start banging on the glass at the start of the show…classy!)

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Meet Antivax Janet! |

We all got a “Janet” to content with. Who’s yours?

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