Outex Underwater Camera Housing

Outex light weight and affordable housings have made many of my professional adventure shoots possible!

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Behind the Scenes: Raina in the Divebark Tank (Gopro inside tank)

Just some unedited footage of me in the divebark tank doing a photoshoot. This was really tricky because the tank had beams above it- and you had to be careful not to hit your head. There were fish, plants, and fiberglass!

see more: www.mermaidraina.com

Underwater Posing Without Weights – Training in monofin

I am such a floaty person, this means it’s tricky for me as a mermaid. I usually put counter weights in my costume. I am training myself to be able to model underwater more without weights. It’s very tricky for me! The float messes up my form. But I’ll keep working on it!

See more of my training here: www.mermaidraina.com