Behind the Scenes: Raina in the Divebark Tank (Gopro inside tank)

Just some unedited footage of me in the divebark tank doing a photoshoot. This was really tricky because the tank had beams above it- and you had to be careful not to hit your head. There were fish, plants, and fiberglass!

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Underwater Posing Without Weights – Training in monofin

I am such a floaty person, this means it’s tricky for me as a mermaid. I usually put counter weights in my costume. I am training myself to be able to model underwater more without weights. It’s very tricky for me! The float messes up my form. But I’ll keep working on it!

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Most incredible underwater body tape photoshoot

This is a preview of the amazing shots about to come. There was a crew of support around me to enable this daring experiment underwater. It took over four hours to foil me up with adhesives then dive in the 30ft dive tower where only a professional diver could shoot me with the lighting set up. This footage was filmed entirely on my iPhone, hence the shitty quality. Sorry. Keep an eye on this channel for the HIGH QUALITY shots and footage coming soon.

Mermaid Swims Between The Rocks! Watch This Color Changing Mermaid Tail Underwater!
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