United Colonies of Kobol | Battlestar Galactica

Departing from the ancient birthplace of humanity, the 12 Tribes of Kobol set forth across the stars to find a new home. Settling a distant star system, the 12 Tribes evolved into the 12 Colonies and set into motion a cycle that has repeated itself across the ages.

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Narration by Larissa Thompson.

Background music: “The Last Empire” by Tenacious Orchestra used under license by PremiumBeat.com.

Ending music used under license from Shutterstock.com.

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Regrets of the Past – Star Wars Fan Film (EN)

“Regrets of the Past”
The Austrian Star Wars Fanfilm

Spoken Language: English
Subtitles: German, Spanish, English, Japanese, Portuguese

German Version (OV): https://youtu.be/TFyr2ZLM2D0
Making of : https://youtu.be/EOwNrc3Xo2A

The short film project “Regrets of the Past” was realized by a team of local filmmakers whose goal it was to create a high-quality sci-fi movie in Austria, based within the Star Wars universe. The crew diligently focused on the visual language of the film which tries to adhere as closely as possible to the original trilogy developed by George Lucas in the 1970s.
The story is set after the events that led to the inception of the Galactic Empire (Star Wars – Episode III) and follows the fate of two fugitive Jedi knights. Pursued by a bounty hunter, Pash Sularen and his Padawan Kaila Dain crash on a remote plant and are confronted with their past.
Principal photography took place in Austria from 2013 through 2015, followed by one year of post production. The crew of 150 consisted mainly of working professionals in the Austrian film industry who supported the project in their spare time.



(Complete Cast&Crew List)

This is a not-for profit work of fan fiction based in the universe of STAR WARS. Worldwide rights to STAR WARS stories, settings and characters are wholly owned by LUCASFILM LTD/DISNEY. This work is not authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by LUCASFILM/DISNEY. It´s purpose is solely for the enjoyment of STAR WARS fans. No copyright infringement is intended or implied.