My FIRST EVER Mermaid Tail Unboxing! | Stella the Siren

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Follow me as I unwrap my first ever purchased mermaid tail! This was such an exciting moment for me. By the way, the bird says hi.

Spoiler ahead because I’m going to write which brand I bought, although the circlet already kind of gives it away: my new tail is a FinFolk Productions fabric tail in the Shipwreck Siren design! Of course I had to get that one because of my name but I also really love the design.

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CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! – Episode 1: Mermaid

I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE! And challenge you too!

Episode 1 – Mermaid
Follow along as I take on my first drawing prompt, MERMAID! Also, What’s going on with Garrett?? I’m kind of worried about him.

Don’t forget to take on this challenge too! I want to see YOUR best interpretation of a mermaid! Show me what you got!


CHALLENGE ACCEPTED is a project I’d like to create to help promote drawing and a passion for it by improving your skills and mine as we jump out of our comfort zones and into some fun drawing prompts submitted by you guys!

Final products will be posted at

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Part 2!
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Mermaid Photo Booth

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The Halifax Mermaids did a photobooth for the G7 Halifax experience. The theme was the oceans! We have so much more to tell you about it. but for now, enjoy these little clips. to see our company for resources on how to be a mermaid for clothing line

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Something New?

surprise beaches
Thank you to this amazing mermaid for making it all possible:
See tasty closeups here:

Last video:



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Music used: Disfgure – Hollah
Kontinuum – Aware
Ikson – A While
Phillycheese and Latakz – Daydreaming
Itty Bitty 8 Bit by Kevin MacLeod
by Jeff Kaale link:

Filmed with the GoPro HERO4

Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Fun Fact: My computer is dying! This may be the last video I make on it!

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