How Many Anakins?

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Hector Navarro, Ryan Martin, and Zach Kornfeld delve into Dorothy dabbing and Lannister debts.


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Hector Navarro
Ryan Anthony Martin
Zach Kornfeld
Mike Trapp

Director – Michael Schaubach
Writers – Mike Trapp & Brennan Lee Mulligan
Producer – Jessie Hixenbaugh
Production Coordinator – Olivia Aguilar
Director of Photography – Kenneth Keeler
Production Designer – Rick Mader
HMU – Denise Renee Valentine
Sound Mixer – Eugene Thompson
VFX Artist – TJ Gonzalez
Editor – Eve Hinz

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The Lost World: Jurassic Park – What’s the Difference?

With Jurassic World sequeling up our cineplexes this weekend, we decided to cover a sequel ourselves! How did Michael Crichton’s follow up novel that inspired Steven Spielberg’s follow up movie deal with the changes the first film made to the first book? Time to ask What’s the Difference?

UPDATE: We’ve re-uploaded this video because we mistakenly animated Arby, a character from the novel, as Caucasian instead of African American. As soon as we realized what we’d done, we re-animated the sections he appears in to correct our mistake. We’re very sorry it happened and will do better moving forward, And thank you to the viewers who pointed it out.

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Jurassic Park – What’s the Difference?

Excited for Jurassic World? Of course you are! Jurassic Park was a #1 box office smash, and the book by Michael Crichton was a #1 New York Times Best Seller. We’ll take a look at the book and the movie side-by-side, and tell you: “What’s the Difference?” Subscribe:

The road from page to screen wasn’t seamless. While the filmmakers weren’t pursued by velociraptors, a lot of elements of the story did get changed. From plot details and character changes, to a whole lot of dinosaurs getting ignored (or name-changed!), we’ll take you through every difference between the book and the movie. All sorts of fun facts you can share with your friends in line for Jurassic World!

Have you read Jurassic Park, or The Lost World? How long has it been since you’ve seen the original Jurassic Park movie? Are you now humming the Jurassic Park theme (we know you are!)? Did we inspire you to look more closely at the dinosaurs in Jurassic World this summer?

What other works would you like to see us explore on What’s The Difference?

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Welcome to What’s The Difference, where CineFix takes you step-by-step and page-by-page through all the differences between your favorite movies & shows and their source material. Adaptations are a tricky game, something always gets changed, added, or omitted in the process. Come back every other Wednesday for more What’s the Difference!

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Jurassic Park: Is DNA CLONING Ethical?? | Sci-fi Breakdown | Space Taste

Is Jurassic Park Ethical? Explore the ethics of DNA cloning in Jurassic Park and Jurassic World! Deep dive into the repercussions of genetic manipulation and comment your thoughts and sentiment if you agree or disagree with our breakdown. And tell us why!

In Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, the purpose of dinosaur creation is material wealth and gain. Would it be acceptable if we treated them with compassion instead? Dinosaur welfare is technically animal welfare after all. The introduction of new dinosaur species into our delicate ecosystem could have drastic impacts both ecologically and societally.

While it isn’t possible to replicate the cloning process used in Jurassic Park, Jurassic World or Fallen Kindom, just yet, the ethics of DNA cloning are still important to consider. Just replace “dinosaur” with “wooly mammoth” and we’d have a likely scenario.

This video is not sponsored by Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. We are not associated with Universal in any capacity.


Space Taste aims to be the premier destination for intelligent and thoughtful discussion in the world of sci-fi.

Subscribe to Space Taste to watch an ethical and philosophical breakdown of sci-fi films every week. We explore not only the ethics and repercussions of our favorite science fiction movies, but also how the concepts covered in the movie would impact society.

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InGen | Jurassic Park

Hidden in the jungles of Las Cinco Muertes lies one of the most extraordinary and dangerous discoveries every made in genetic science. A feat made possible by the scientists of InGen.

The Templin Institute. Investigating alternate worlds.

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Narration by Larissa Thompson.

Background music Final Duty by Swan Productions. Used under licence from

Ending music “Battle Forever” used under license from

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