Alison Teal – making clothes from ocean plastic

Pushing plastic out of her way to swim with manta rays Alison Teal thought, “How can I demonstrate the issue and share how invasive this situation is?”

She was filmed underwater to document what is happening in the ocean, and then photographed different images wearing the plastic she found surrounding her in Indonesia. This “Plastic Girl” photo series is Teal’s artistic symbolism of “how we will all be suffocated by plastic if we don’t look for alternatives to our daily plastic needs.”

“As plastic bags literally coated my face while swimming with the marine life, I gathered the bags and kept wrapping them around my waist. Everything I’m wearing is an item of trash I pulled out of the ocean, hopefully saving the life of a marine animal. Plastic bags were removed from the water from right in front of a manta ray” Teal says.

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