Star Trek Discovery: The Firing of Les Moonves and the Failure of the Shorts

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On October 4th of 2018, the first of a total of four Star Trek shorts was released exclusively on CBS All Access. Officially, these shorts are meant to expand the Discovery Star Trek universe, keep the fans yearning for more Discovery satiated until the release of season 2, and drive more subscriptions to CBS All Access.

Unofficially though, these shorts represent a very expensive failed experiment, which have only served to confirm the indications that Discovery may be the least viewed Star Trek series of all time.

That has only added to the behind the scenes issues associated with Star Trek Discovery, a production that lost its corporate guardian angel when former CBS head honcho and Discovery progenitor Leslie Moonves was fired in disgrace.

In this video, we will cover the popularity of Star Trek Discovery, and why the Star Trek shorts paint such a bleak picture of it. Then we’ll explore the firing of Leslie Moonves and what repercussion that might have for not just the future of Star Trek Discovery, but the future of Star Trek period.

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