Trump to Robert Mueller: ‘It Wasn’t Me’ (w/ Shaggy)

Shaggy and James Corden update the lyrics to “It Wasn’t Me” to reflect Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump.

Catch Shaggy in Game Over, Man! out March 23 on Netflix.

[James Corden]
Special counsel got you sweatin’ like crazy
Tweeting that it’s a witch hunt
Open up, got some questions ‘bout Russia
Evidence you should confront

I’m just trying to learn the truth and
Figure out how much you knew
All this time, my investigation
Never took its eyes off you

This damn Russian probe’s gonna bite me in the bummer
I never should have fired James Comey last summer
Pundits called me dumb, Bannon made me look dumber
I’ll blame Hillary, boy I’ve really outdone her

To be a true dealer, know the art of the deal
If Mueller’s pressin’ charges, then I’m going to appeal
Delete my work emails before they reveal
I paid off Stormy Daniels so she’d spank me till I squealed.

[James (Shaggy)]
Manafort committed tax fraud (It wasn’t me)
Had shady business dealings abroad (It wasn’t me)
So many staffers who could be bought (It wasn’t me)
How’d you think you wouldn’t be caught? (It wasn’t me)

I want to know who conspired (It wasn’t me)
With Russian bots who were hired (It wasn’t me)

Treason may have transpired (It wasn’t me)
I think your pants are on fire

Special counsel got you sweatin’ like crazy
Tweeting that it’s a witch hunt
Have a seat, got some questions ‘bout Russia
Evidence you should confront
I’ll subpoena you to testify
In front of a Grand Jury
Just know five of your associates have
Already plead guilty

Bet you think you’re clever and you’re getting real close
You see them talking Russia on the cable news shows

I’ve nothing to hide, I’m gonna propose

You talk to my lawyers ‘cuz I can’t be deposed

You know there’s going to be a lot of tough interviews
Don’t care about Don Jr, he’s a son I can lose
Stick to the plan, attack the fake news
I really should have told Jeff Sessions not to recuse

[James (Shaggy)]
Hey shall we talk about the pee tape? (It wasn’t me)
We’ve got a copy on replay (It wasn’t me)
And our mouths were just agape (It wasn’t *pee*)
I mean, my god–it’s the pee tape (It wasn’t *pee*)

I just came in and I caught him red-handed
Tangled in a web of lies
Say goodbye to your friends in Russia
Hello to the FBI

They may say I take too long
And my probe is a giant fail
But stay tuned, my investigation’s
Putting Donald Trump in jail

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The Big Bang Theory: What Went Wrong? – Wisecrack Edition

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