Mermaid in Fish Tank: Halifax Mermaids Natal Day Photo Op

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Aerial Ariel

Some enchanting footage of me mermaiding in my green tail from VirtuoSew with the Mahina monofin!

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Music used: Disney Piano – The Little Mermaid “Part of Your World” – Relaxing Piano by TepMusic NO NEED TO SUE ME!

Filmed with the GoPro HERO3

Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Fun Fact: It took me less than 2 days to edit this!

Secret Life of a Mermaid: Season 5- Episode 5~ Red Tide

Kelsey comes down with a strange sickness,making Kelsey’s powers go haywire. So it is up to Amy to nurse her back to health. But something-or one- is bound to make things complicated.

Secret Life of a Mermaid: Season 5- Episode 4~ The Lonely Islander

With Tess gone and her parents out of town, Amy starts to feel lonely. Unfortunately, Kelsey and Brenna aren’t always able to keep her company. To help Amy, Kelsey and Brenna devise a plan. However good their intentions may be, something is bound to backfire.

Secret Life of a Mermaid: Season 4- Episode 6~ In the Wake

Amy’s aunt and cousin Andy come in town while her mom’s away. Realizing how long its been, the girls visit the cave. The girls wake-up the next day and have no recollection of what they did last night. Following clues, Amy, Kelsey, and Brenna try to piece together what happened and find Andy.

Secret Life of a Mermaid: Season 4- Episode 2~ Briny Dilemma *

The girls find out that Tess has sent a package to a marine lab revealing their secret. Will they be able to stop it in time? Or will their biggest secret finally be exposed?

*NOTE: Since we have not attained permission for the themesong in time for this episode, the themesong has been detained. But ONLY for this episode. It will be back to normal next episode.