Stones and Dust

The High Hand made its strike! They came unexpected and efficiently. It was one big wave of ships. The attack was going on for three hours. Then it was over. And the Engineering Department of ASTROCOHORS C.L.U.B. was gone. No one could be saved…

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Eyes of Fire

No 1 – The Larch

Another Phase was over. Shaun Newton fell into his seat. He knew that this would have to go on. But for how Long nobody knew. The Situation with the prostate of the Usovai’i was cleared – somehow. The danger was still imminant. And there were still two departments to be evacuated. Newton was worried, because the scans indicated that the HIGH HAND changed their strategy. What were they up to?

He decided to take a nap and then carry on with his studies. He was in Need for fresh ideas.

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The Central Nervous System Manipulator

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones - Trailer

Shaun Newton was tired. Here we go again, he thought. It was not yet over. Same procedure as last time. Coordination. Communication. Plans. But this time it was different. Two hours ago the Long range scans picked up signals. The High Hand was on the move. And the last two departments were just waiting for their evacuation. When everything was ready to safe the Science Department, the armies of the High Hand were aproaching their System. I always thought it was a bad idea to scatter the departments all around the place, Newton complained in his mind.

“Calling Science Department, do you read?”, he yelled into the comlink.

“Yes, we hear you”, the answer came right away. “This is Commander Aisha McClure. The enemy is approaching fast. What’s our time schedule?”

“No time schedule. We will be awaiting you on your Arrival. You may proceed as you wish. May the Flying Spaghetti Monster be with you!”

“Okay. Evacuation is starting now. Hope to see you soon!”

Shaun hoped that too.

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Implosion in the Spiral

It was a Moment of luck and joy. The data base was complete. The Archive was saved. And Admiral Ooderzoe, Commander Guy Chester and Commander Tony M. Nyphot escaped. Commander Nyphot left a suprise in the archive’s base for any intruder to come.

And they came…

As soon as the first troops of the High Hand entered the base, a time bomb was activated.

“And five seconds later it was over”, Nyphot jiggled, when he explained this.

“Three”, Chester corrected him.

It was a real big bang. And Base IV was gone. With it the enemy fleet was reduced to seventy five percent. Still a lot, but not as much as they were before.

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Tip of the Iceberg


“Incoming message, Audio Signal only!”

“Open frequencies.”

Commander Shaun Newton felt the Tension again. Time for Phase 2. The archives of ASTROCOHORS C.L.U.B. had to be preserved. Would it work?

“This is Admiral Ooderzoe”, a voice said via Radio. “We’re ready when you are.”

“Good”, Newton said. “The rescue pods are ready?”

“Yes. As soon as we have started transmitting we will leave the Station.”

“Excellent. Long range scans?”

“Nothing there yet. But we fear that this Station will be the Point of attack very soon. Commander Chester pointed out that there has been quite a lot of Radio activity during the last days.”

“The High Hand”, Newton asumed. “Sounds like them.”

“Sounds like any idiot Organisation proclaiming dictatorship. Crazy dumb stupid…”

“Admiral”, he was interrupted. “This is all a very emotional Moment, but we have to go on.” Shaun recognized the voice of Commander Guy Chester.

“Commander Chester is right”, Newton ensured. “Get ready for Transmission.”


“Okay”, the Command said in a softer voice, “let’s see what we can get this time.”

The AI of his Station started operating. The data was on its way.

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Silence after the storm

The first wave was over. Confirmation was coming in that Devereaux and Bahati made it. Shaun Newton allowed himself to be happy. But just a Little bit. They’ve lost some good People on this day. But then again good News were coming from the Usovai’i. Well, if they were true. But Shaun just hoped that they would be.

“Sir”, his AI said, “we have to move on. There are still People to save.”

“You’re right”, Newton replied. “What about that fleet that is coming here? How Long?”

“According to Long range scans the fleet has stopped in the very Moment the News from the Usovai’i were broadcast. What a strange coincidence.”

“No coincidence!”, the officer shouted. “This is all Happening on purpose! Let’s move on and start saving the others.”

“Very well, Sir!”

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The Rescue Maneuver

Shaun Newton was ready. Now was the time! The attack on ASTROCOHORS C.L.U.B. has happened a few days before. He was Standing on the outside of the Input-Output-Tower. The antenna was heading in the right direction.

“ASTROCOHORS C.L.U.B. is ready”, a voice said via comlink. “You can send your data and deploy the ships.”

“Confirmed!”, he replied, “The Communication Department is the first to evacuate!”

He pushed the button. Then he spoke into his comlink again: “Commander Ellis, you’re ready to go!”

“Affirmative!”, a voice said.

Shaun looked on the Screen right before him. The data was transmitting. 5 minutes 20 seconds remaining. But the Computer kept on having Troubles. Not now! he screamed in his thought. The time kept ticking.

2 minutes 23 seconds…

1 Minute 51 seconds…

59 seconds…

40 seconds…

28 seconds…

12 seconds…




“Transmission complete!”, said the Computer. “But I Need to remind you that there’s a fleet on its way to this control facility.”

“I know”, Newton replied. “We will go on!”

“Confirmed”, answered the A.I. “Implanting files into central Computer. This will take some time.”

“Do it anyway…”

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How to Fall Down the Anti-SJW Rabbit Hole

Sirens! And a voice. The voice came from the loudspeakers. The message was clear: There has been an attack on the headquarter of ASTROCOHORS C.L.U.B. Where did it come from? Nobody knew! Why did it happen? There were some who speculated that it was to show off power. To show that there was a force that could just attack the headquarter of the great space fleet of Urdam Bardog and get away with it.

Plans had to be made. Things had to be changed. And hopefully the headquarter would come back to normal within the next few hours…

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Journal of the Mhulls


Excitement was going around in the Headquarter of ASTROCOHORS C.L.U.B. An Invention had been made. From now on they say it would be much easier to store the history of the agency. To bring up reports. But this happy message was almost undermined by the not good News of the day: Another shuttle had landed on the facility. An emergency shuttle. Officers of ASTROCOHORS were brought back in after they got injured somewhere out in the galaxy.

Will it never end?

The reports will show…


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