Tip of the Iceberg

Picture: ASTROCOHORS.com
Picture: ASTROCOHORS.com

“Incoming message, Audio Signal only!”

“Open frequencies.”

Commander Shaun Newton felt the Tension again. Time for Phase 2. The archives of ASTROCOHORS C.L.U.B. had to be preserved. Would it work?

“This is Admiral Ooderzoe”, a voice said via Radio. “We’re ready when you are.”

“Good”, Newton said. “The rescue pods are ready?”

“Yes. As soon as we have started transmitting we will leave the Station.”

“Excellent. Long range scans?”

“Nothing there yet. But we fear that this Station will be the Point of attack very soon. Commander Chester pointed out that there has been quite a lot of Radio activity during the last days.”

“The High Hand”, Newton asumed. “Sounds like them.”

“Sounds like any idiot Organisation proclaiming dictatorship. Crazy dumb stupid…”

“Admiral”, he was interrupted. “This is all a very emotional Moment, but we have to go on.” Shaun recognized the voice of Commander Guy Chester.

“Commander Chester is right”, Newton ensured. “Get ready for Transmission.”


“Okay”, the Command said in a softer voice, “let’s see what we can get this time.”

The AI of his Station started operating. The data was on its way.

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