Silence after the storm

The first wave was over. Confirmation was coming in that Devereaux and Bahati made it. Shaun Newton allowed himself to be happy. But just a Little bit. They’ve lost some good People on this day. But then again good News were coming from the Usovai’i. Well, if they were true. But Shaun just hoped that they would be.

“Sir”, his AI said, “we have to move on. There are still People to save.”

“You’re right”, Newton replied. “What about that fleet that is coming here? How Long?”

“According to Long range scans the fleet has stopped in the very Moment the News from the Usovai’i were broadcast. What a strange coincidence.”

“No coincidence!”, the officer shouted. “This is all Happening on purpose! Let’s move on and start saving the others.”

“Very well, Sir!”

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