Channel Awesome Retrospective #8 Lindsay Ellis The Nostalgia Chick | ft: NobleAbsinthe
Episode 9 AngryJoe:
NobleAbsinthe and I are collabing to bring to you a retrospective series on every contributor at Channel Awesome (formerly known as The reviewing community on YouTube owes a lot to guys like Doug Walker and James Rolfe for propelling many of the YouTube “celebrities” we see today. Channel Awesome also serves as decent folklore about the early days of YouTube. Also, since there wasn’t any other YouTube channel with an extensive compendium of these contributors; we thought it would be a fun project.

Today’s episode is on Linkara, one of the few comic book producers on Channel Awesome.

May god have mercy on his soul…

Our uploads will alternate between our two channels, so please feel free to subscribe to Extramana’s Youtube channel as well to get the whole series.

*The videos may not be in true chronological order, but aim to cover all contributors.
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