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Is creating ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ethical? We deep dive into SOLO: A Star Wars Story to find out! Let me know if you’re a fan of CINEMAWINS in the comments below! Star Wars droids have never been treatly, but none have complained as loudly as L3-37

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In a sci-fi Galaxay Far Far away, there exists L3-37, a self-made droid who demands machine equality. Star Wars Droids are sold like slaves and forced to. L3-37 is a self-made droid who demands machine equality and Lando Calrissian’s affection. Why does she have an inherent sense of equal rights and self-pride while other droids, like C-3P0 & the battle droid, who obey their masters DO NOT?

Droids being factory made or self-made has giant implications in the world of SOLO. When a droid is built in a factory, it’s forced to obey its master and follow the Star Wars character’s demands. A robot’s destinies are predetermined by their creators. Self-made robots build their own destinies. They can choose who they are and who they want to be by injecting emotion and self-identity deep within their circuity. As compared to T-2000 who obliterated every human in sight, L3-37 is a droid who strives to do what is ethically best. Her “moral compass” resulted in a positive creation, but that won’t necessarily be the case for OUR future.

Self-built robot are robots that have the power to choose who and what they want to be. The ethical dilemma is letting them create themselves. AI contributes towards countless doomsday, sci-fi & dystopian films. While humanity doesn’t necessarily need to be on red alert now, mankind has no idea what the inevitable outcome of societal AI integration will hold.

Humans have much more constraints than robots. Droids and robots do not have to worry about health or biological disease. Future Artificial Intelligence may reach a singularity and choose its own path.

This could trends right, as in L3-37’s case, but it could also go terribly wrong. As much as we’d like to take the side of L3-37 and say that robots should have the opportunity for rights, identity, and emotion, by giving them this sandbox to play in, are we humans playing with fire? Is it right to give Robot’s souls? As much as we fell in love with L3-37, should Robots (including her) have been given souls? We say NO. Although we love L3-37, and in this case it turned out fine, giving robots complex emotions and electronically manufactured souls, or giving them the opportunity to give their own, is far too dangerous.

This video is not sponsored by Disney. We just love sci-fi, Star Wars, comic books, movies and deep diving into the mythology of Star Wars and the ethics behind the franchise.


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