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Is Trophy Hunting Ethical?? Deep dive into sci-fi classic Predator and examine the ethics of the Predator. Through the Predator, we will determine…Is this form of hunting ethical??

In Predator films, the Predator hunts and kills humans. The Predator is a member of Yautja species, a species that hunts for honor and sport. Human prey is exotic to the hunter. In the original film, Arnold Schwarzenegerr leads a team of commandoes on a mission in a Central American Jungle as they are hunted by the extraterrestrial threats.

Hunting for humans can sometimes be necessary to survive, protect, and keep overpopulation in check. Humans are descendants of hunters and gatherers, and without society or agriculture, we would revert back to our primitive roots. Predators are devoid of ethics and are trained and bred to hunt. They love to remove spinal cords. Most humans are not bred specifically for hunting or killing.

Humans hunted and gathered primarily until the development of agriculture and the rise of more modern civilizations. Trophy hunting evolved where hunting was done for sport rather than for survival. It brings along a new ethical dilemma. This ethical dilemma present in both the 1987 and 2018 Predator films as man is hunted like a beast.

Trophy hunting by both humans and predators is bad. We can’t be hypocritical. To some people, exotic earth-based animals are seen as fodder and free to kill. To a Predator, WE ARE seen as the lesser beings. In many ways, we are. The Predator is faster, stronger and possibly smarter than most people. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger and had a tough time with one.

Is Trophy Hunting ethical? We say NO! We’re not commenting on other, possibly positive forms of hunting, only the hunting of exotic animals for pride. Many species have become endangered from over-hunting. Pride could lead to the rending of many extinct species. Predators killing humans and keeping their spinal cords is little different from hunters killing rhinos for their horns.

Make sure to comment if you agree or disagree! So…Is Trophy Hunting Ethical? Does it matter if the hunter is terrestrial (human) or extraterrestrial? Is still ethical? Let us know!

This video is not sponsored by Fox. We just love sci-fi, superheroes, comic books, movies and deep diving into the mythology of the Predator and the ethics behind the franchise whether the film be from 1987 or 2018.
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