Hello world!

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“This is our most desparate hour…”

“Or the most hopeful, Sir!”

“You’re optimistic, I like that.”

“Thank you, Sir!”

“Well then, Lieutenant Commander McClure, it’s your turn to take over the Science Department of ASTROCOHORS C.L.U.B. We have to restore common sense to the people.”

“I will do my very best, Sir!”

“I’ve expected nothing less.”

The attack was over. Some put on US the bomb… But this will not end here. Science will prevail. That was always Aisha McClure’s motto. They had to build these departments. Then they would be able about all that “common sense” thing. As a start Aisha selected the scietific team. Those were the members:

This would be a good start…


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  1. A WordPress Commenter June 3, 2018 at 7:40 pm

    This is a good thing. Hopefully this will all work out fine! All the best for this mission!

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