The True Story of Beauty and the Beast

Alison Teal, Time Magazine’s Female Indiana Jones, sets off to the coast of West Africa for a surfari when she suddenly finds herself on a wild and comedic quest that takes her from the middle of a volcano in the Canary Islands to the castle of King Henry II in France, as she uncovers the incredible TRUE STORY behind her favorite childhood fairy tale – Beauty and the Beast.

As part of her ongoing film series Alison’s Adventures, Alison educates through entertainment by diving into cultures around the world with her pink surfboard made from recycled coffee cups. Along the way she unearths mysteries, myths, legends and most importantly, solutions to environmental and humanitarian issues threatening our planet. Through this heartwarming adventure, Alison discovers the simple secret to lifelong happiness and shares a timely and valuable reminder that we should never judge a beast by it’s cover.

Filmed by:
Alex Voyer
Jacques Van As
Emma Bourke

Songs By:
Fresh Mind:
Melissa Melching:

Alison’s Adventures
“Your Passport To The World”

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